Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Definitely Not A Glamour Shot But...

Every once in a while I have a glimpse of understanding around working on multiple projects and even so, that's not me. I'm like a dog with a bone as Steph once said, determined to figure it out and get it done - sort of - because every once in a while I actually do move on to another project before this one is done but - LOL - I always have my reasons.

The buttons of the purple shirt didn't line up with the buttonholes of the dusty pink one except for the very top button which is now at the waist of the skirt. When I shifted the rest of the buttons, I re-stitched them with turquoise thread after deciding that a dot of color would be great and a row of turquoise buttons would be more like an arrow pointing to my behind - WIDEST POINT HERE ! ! ! ! !

Here's a downward shot of the pleats. My son dropped by just as I was trying to take these pictures which was very convenient timing on his part. I immediately handed him the camera. I'm sure there was some eye rolling involved but I didn't see it. My back was to the camera. You can see how the skirt is pulling. I'm not going to worry about that right now because...

... it's only basted together. I cut out a size smaller than my measurements and while I can get it on, it's very snug and all those lovely vertical lines are not slimming me down, they are...

... wiggling around my wiggles. This is definitely not a glamour shot but you get an idea of the potential. For now, I've...

... packaged up the skirt, some black batik for a waistband, the turquoise thread, the extra buttons from the shirts, and the mostly refashioned t-shirt and put them away. I'll pull them back out in early May and see what I think then based on how much my size has changed. I've invested too much time, money, and energy in this project already to finish it in a size I'm won't be for long. This way, if I expand - which isn't the plan - I can let the basted seams out and if I shrink - which is the plan - I can take them in. The same with the top.

And just let me say...

... that those of you whose weight never fluctuates and you've been the same size most of your life, please do take a moment and offer a prayer of gratefulness. You have no idea how much easier that makes building a wardrobe. Sewing for a moving target is a literal pain in the you know where - although - VBG - it's unlikely I'll ever get the job down and that's just fine from the perspective of always having something to sew.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - the next project


  1. I hear you on sewing for a moving target. My weight is going down and each time I make myself something, it is like trying to figure out a puzzle with all the pieces facing down. Here is hoping it will fit perfectly in May.

  2. I think your skirt was looking very cool, Myrna! I hope you can solve your fitting dilemma when you get back to it.

    It seems that I only gain or lose weight in the middle so all my skirts and pants have elastic waists and my tops and dresses are not tightly fitted in the waist and hips. I also sew a lot of knits and wovens with a little bit of stretch in them and concentrate more on fitting my neck and shoulder area which doesn't fluctuate. I haven't had to give up any pieces so far! I can still wear everything at my higher weight and if I lose some then they just look that much better on me.

    1. It's not really a fitting dilemma as in not knowing the answer. It's just a matter of sewing the side seams at the right distance and adding the waistband. Right now, I'd have to let it out. Later it may be just right or need taking in so I want to wait closer to my trip to Oregon and finish it at the right size rather than adjust it later. If I want to wear it that is.

      My weight always goes on my hips first and off last.Depending how many pounds we're talking about I may gain/lose bust line as well. I'm finding that dresses work quite well because as you said, I can concentrate on fitting the shoulder and the garment (mostly) hangs from there. Nice that I really like dresses too.


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