Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Finished And Blocking

When I was at Fabricland last week, I had a conversation with another woman at the pattern cabinets - perhaps the sewing equivalent of the office water cooler - about sewing. She said that she sewed for the love of it but takes breaks of weeks and months between projects. For me, a long break is a few days. And then I get itchy. Like now. I haven't sewn anything in the past ten days which is a really REALLY long time for me. Thankfully, I have been...

... knitting. When I finished the smaller size of the grey baby sweater there was enough yarn to make a larger size for baby's older brother. Both are finished and blocking. My goal is to have them sewn together by the weekend. It's a surprisingly easy pattern with lots of potential. As I knit, my mind kept coming up with ideas for evolving the pattern as a T & T - which made me happy - my brain hasn't completely shut down - good - LOL - I'd hate to lose that flow of ideas. And...

... I want to finish the little coat I am - was - working on. No progress has been made since the last time I talked about it. It still needs the sleeve pleats reversed and a collar. Should we consider it progress that I ordered a child size mannequin to help with future pieces. I find my dressform invaluable for designing garments in my size and I think this smaller form will help with the little girl coats. Since I always sew the same size, I ordered a size 2 mannequin which fits the size 3 pattern measurements... which also means I need to label the coats as a size two from now on.

I had my daughter measure my adorable grandson to make sure that the sweater I knit for my friend's grandson will fit him at a year old which he'll be mid April. It's amazing how much he has learned in the past year. I know my children did all the things that he is doing but I think I was too tired at the time to realize what an amazing miracle it is to watch a child develop.

We bought him this (rather noisy) toy when he was born and had to hold him up to take the picture and now he can climb all over it all by himself. I forgot to ask my daughter if he's figured out how to make it honk but I'm sure he has. What boy wouldn't love that aspect. I'll find out in a few weeks when I go to visit. Grandma gets to babysit on his birthday. YEAH ! ! !

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - knitting


  1. Please tell me you can get T-Pins at Fabricland...

    1. Michaels had them in the sewing section with all the other pins and needles. Wal-Mart didn't have any that I could find and I didn't look at Fabricland.

    2. Ahhh...I keep forgetting about Michaels. I used to have a large quantity of T-pins, from my macramé days back in the 70's, but they've grown legs and walked. The blocking pins I'd bought from my LYS are very...bendy LOL


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