Friday, March 21, 2014


It's a short to do list today - I really need to clean the studio. When I started the grey baby sweater, I pulled out some boxes looking for the right yarn and the right needles and the contents ended up spread around and mixed up with the shirt bits. It's a mess. Clean calms the soul. It'll be good as was....

... rewinding a bunch of yarn because now I have balls of potential instead of projects going nowhere. The turquoise is linen, the rust is a superwash wool, the black is a wool nylon sock blend, and the blue is a bamboo blend. They are all nice yarns so rewinding made way more sense than giving the unfinished project away and then buying more yarn again.

With the baby garter ridge sweater pattern you knit up from the bottom and then split and knit the rest of the back and the two fronts separately. In this size, twenty-five stitches go left and right to form the fronts and forty-four stitches become the back. In the past, I've found that split point to be weak and have strengthened it with when sewing the sleeve in. This time, I crossed one stitch over the other and moved what would have been a front stitch to the back and what would have been a back stitch to the front. It worked fabulous.

My trip to Vernon on Wednesday went well. I had a great visit with my friend and got home just in time to avoid a major snow fall. Apparently winter wanted a last hurrah before the first day of spring. I didn't take my camera so I can't show you pictures of what I saw but at my favourite dress shop. Linen. Lovely lines. Details. A button up "blouse" made of a very stable knit that looked like a marbled hand-dyed print with a fabulous hand and a softer, more approachable tone rather than BUTTONED UP - if you know what I mean. I may try that at some point but...

... right now... I'm going to clean the studio and then reverse the pleats on the sleeves after which hopefully a collar idea shows up. This week feels like I've been dragging my behind and that would be because - LOL - I have. And now I want to finish this little girl project and get on to the next project - a purse I think.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - missing driving in the snow storm


  1. That was quite the storm on Wednesday. Ours came in with thunder, wind and it was hail not snow. Lasted nearly 30 minutes.
    I spent some time rewinding wool in February. I have used up the bamboo yarn I rewound and am looking for a project for the silk/bamboo yarn. I am thinking a 6 ft long scarf to wear next winter with a vest I have planned.

    1. We had the wind too but I'm happy to have missed out on the thunder. That silk bamboo combo is really gorgeous. Enjoy.

  2. "Grateful - missing driving in the snow storm"

    oh, i am glad to hear that one! Driving in 'bad' weather can be so dangerous, especially at the end of the day. Better to be all snug indoors :) Even better better after a fun day with a friend, and those linen dresses have me interested! Maybe you could make a little sketch? :)

    Good call on the rewinding, what a nice lot of beautiful yarn! i'm especially taken with that bamboo in the cerulean, so gorgeous and not so common either. yum. That little grey cardi turned out really sweet, lucky baby! i can see why knitting for wee ones is so popular, just a lot less knitting than for us grownups! ha!

    Have fun cleaning up your space today, it feels so nice to set things in order (though sometimes i get overstimulated thinking of all the possible projects!), steph

    1. Probably no sketches but I may have an image of the back of the dress my friend bought when we went to Kelowna last week. It has similar details. I'll look for Monday.

      The cerulean is called Baby Bamboo by Sirdar I believe. You can buy it at Michael's and it's a silk/bamboo combo that's gorgeous to knit with. Knitting small is like sewing small. It doesn't have to fit and you can enjoy the journey.

      The space is partly cleaned up already and it's feeling "lighter". How fun when that happens. I think I'm going to go look at some Burda patterns and then come back to finish up.


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