Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sales & Sleeves

Yesterday, I woke up at the crack of dawn which is a bad thing in terms of getting enough sleep and a great thing in terms of getting a lot done. By ten-thirty, I'd already blogged, run, had a bath and gotten dressed, been out to journal, come back home to reverse the pleats on the sleeves, gone out for breakfast with my youngest son, and shopped at Fabricland and was back home in the studio ready to move forward with the little girl's dress.

Changing the pleats on the sleeve cap turned out only so-so. While I liked them folded toward the middle like this, I realized that re-using the men's sleeve/cuff wasn't working for me so I...

... cut new sleeves from the same shirt and sewed them in. One of the reviews talked about too much sleeve cap ease in this pattern - Simplicity 2526 - only I didn't find that the case. They fit in quite nicely.

The hems - however - are skimpy at 3/8". I prefer a wider, more substantial hem with weight - at least an inch - perhaps an inch turned twice. That's something to remember for next time as is...

... checking the sleeve length. The sleeve underneath is Simplicity 2745 and as you can see it's much longer even though these are both size three patterns and both - supposedly - have long sleeves. I'm planning a trip to the mall to measure a few ready-to-wear garments and see what a good sleeve length would be for this size. Meanwhile...

... do you remember me saying how much I . LOVE . THREAD ? These lines of variegated turquoise thread are 1/8" apart over the grey base fabric. It's the collar. Hopefully it - and the dress - will be finished and ready to show tomorrow. I have one decision left and then it's done.

Don't you love sales? I do and especially sales that happen right when I need them to happen. The diaper flannel above was on 60% off at Fabricland and I had no idea until I got there. I bought eight meters but not for diapers. It's for the challenge project I'm working on with Gwen... who I have no idea if she reads my blog... and I should probably find out... and check if she wants to keep our pieces a surprise until we meet up in June... as in before I put all the details on the blog... SO... the flannel is for an inner lining and that's all I'm going to say for now - LOL - except that I'm not making the dress pattern I showed you earlier. I've changed my mind. No surprise I'm sure.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - sales & sleeves


  1. I kind of like the proportions of that undersleeve popping out... and it seems like it would offer a little warmth from a cuff-like action. Can't wait to see this beautiful little coat as it morphs a little more into its finished product. I'm so grateful for people like you who share so much detail for people like me.

    1. I'll be interested to see what the sleeve length of the RTW garments is and how it differs from these two. That'll help me decide if I need to length or shorten this one and how. Since it's a light-weight garment, it's really more of a dress than a coat so it may be okay as is.


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