Monday, March 17, 2014

Savoring The Satisfaction

This weekend, I finished the two fronts and the back of the coat, joined the shoulder and side seams, sewed in the sleeves, and sewed on the buttons.

I chose simple turquoise colored buttons to stand out from the purple plaid and to go with the top stitching thread. On my last project - the skirt - I chose shiny turquoise thread to give the buttons sparkle. This time, I used black thread to tone them down.

This is the front on the design wall with the sleeves pinned in position. It looks rather boring which is why I added the turquoise buttons but in reality, it's not boring at all. I've come to accept that my preference is firmly in the medium to dark value range with subtle details. Try as I might, I'm not high contrast. Not much about my pieces jumps, dances, and demands to be seen. They invite. To truly appreciate them, the viewing range has to be close.

For the sleeves, I created a large tuck at the sleeve cap to take in the excess. On the back...

... is the placket and buttons from the original men's shirt. I haven't decided if the sleeves are amazing or not yet but they do work and are fun. Howard said they look too short - like the bottom of a man's shirt. Yes.

On the inside, the side seams have a herringbone effect that I really like. For some reason, I decided to hand tack them to the garment so they'd remain flat and even. I think it's a way of savoring the satisfaction of a seam well sewn... or maybe it's procrastination... because I have to figure out the hem and the neckline next and I don't think the men's collar is the answer anymore or at least not in its original form. I'm debating. I'll start with the hem.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a friend fell and broke her arm this weekend. It reminded me to be thankful for immediate health care - for ambulances and hospitals - for pharmacies, drugs, and drug plans - and for care-givers.


  1. It's looking really good! I'm not much of a high contrast person too or any contrast?? I'd like to experiment with a lil contrast though and see if I'd like it, or if it will grow on me...

    1. Yes. I know exactly what you're saying. I find myself wanting to... and I start out... and I have high contrast or edgy ideas and then they seem to filter down and I end up with something more monochromatic and less dancing. I don't think it's a matter of not being able to do that kind of work as much as when I follow my creative path, this is my style. That said... it is good to keep pushing those edges. Strangely enough black and white is a combination I love working with.

  2. Myrna i just have to say yet again how i look forwrd to yor posts.To seeing yor creative process and even yor doubts and failures.You inspire so many to go outside the box or i guess for sewing the envelope :)

    1. Michelle this comment means a lot to me. The common theme in all the books that God has given me this year is to find and live out your purpose. It's been in religious and non-religious books and and it's shown up in the most surprising books that seemed to be on a totally different topic. I believe my purpose is to support and encourage others to their best through creativity. With the commonality of all these books that have vibrated themselves into my hands, it seems that I am meant to pay closer attention to my purpose which has me intrigued to see where this is leading. I read the other day that if we are clear about our purpose, the people, opportunities, and resources we need will appear. How fun ! ! ! I'm looking forward to what appears.


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