Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Shiny - Wet Look - Red Bikini

In 1972 - on the night before my birthday - one of the dams along the river burst flooding the community down the road from our home. My mother spent the evening helping with the evacuation process which meant that the next day I went with her to shop for my birthday present. I chose a shiny, wet look, red bikini and that is in all probability the last time I've worn red. It's not really my color. I tend to look like a tomato in red which made...

... my attraction to this print rather unusual. It's very red even when cut up into smaller pieces. And, it's red and purple although not at all in the red hat lady kind of way. Thank God. I remember taking a workshop with Mary Ellen Hopkins many years ago in which she said red and purple definitely did not go together - a comment I completely disagreed with and found totally surprising coming from her. I like the two together. I just don't - normally - wear red. Last week, this fabric was 70% off at which point I stopped resisting and decided it had potential.

I couldn't make any decisions for the challenge project yesterday so I traced a smaller size of Vogue 1297 and cut out the pattern. I'm not sure yet if I'll add sleeves like last time. Right now...

... I'm debating ways to play with the border print along one edge and with the delightfully curling selvage along the other.

This fabric strikes me as a fun piece to play with and since I've really enjoyed wearing the previous version of Vogue 1297 and since the pattern has already been goof proofed, it seemed a perfect choice for my wandering mind. I went down a few sizes due to my change in measurements combined with the stretch of the fabric. LOL - vanity sizing. My ego will take it.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - trying a "new" color


  1. Funny you are focused on the red--if you compare it to the fabric in your earlier V1297, it shares all the other colors. So it's likely you're going to love (and look good in) this dress too. However, if you want to kick the red down a notch you could always use some of either the purple or the curly grey border edge as a sort of bias edging or top detail for the neckline, so it's the color closest to your face.

    1. Yes... I'm sure those other colors were a huge part of the attraction although large flowers is really not me either so I can't put my finger on exactly why I wanted this print but so far, the dress is looking fun. I'll definitely use some other color on the neck band. I've been playing with ideas and it may be the plaid section with some of the curling grey.

  2. Are you kidding? Red and purple DEFINITELY go together!! One of my favorite color combos (although I don't wear much red these days either...hmmm....must rethink that...).

    I also don't wear many florals. Must rethink that, too.

    It will be great to see what emerges from your studio. And I'm thinking good thoughts for you and yours.

    1. LOL - yes, it will, be great to see what emerges.


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