Monday, April 7, 2014

An Added Piece Of Personality.

The weekend has - literally - gone by in a blur. A sty developed inside my lower left eyelid and while I've tried every which way I can think of to assist its demise, it instead insists that I wait patiently while it does its thing. Waiting patiently seems to involve a lot of laying on the couch with my eyes closed, eye drops, hot compresses, and intermittent sewing through a haze. This is not exactly what I'd had planned but...

... the purse is finished. I'll show you the finale tomorrow. Today, the feet. They're made from a stack of three buttons - two purple and one turquoise.

Instead of sewing up and down and up and down, I threaded a darning needle with four strands of pearl cotton, went from inside the bottom to outside the purse, up through the stack of buttons, back down through the stack of buttons, and back through the bottom of the purse and then tied a tight square knot and glued the threads. This holds the feet securely and is a lot easier to stitch than trying to find all those holes time after time.

I used a piece of plastic canvas to shape the bottom of the purse - partly because that's what I had in stash and partly because I like the flexibility of plastic canvas, the already finished surface, and the holes for stitching through which is why this small piece was in stash from a previous purse. The canvas sits between the fashion fabric and the lining and isn't seen.

Purse feet don't do much to lift the purse off the floor especially when it's full of contents but they are an added piece of personality. I like them.

I first noticed the eye problem on Thursday morning when I drove Howard and our youngest son Kyle to the airport... at the crack of dawn... as in we were there at 5:30... which made me think the blurriness was lack of sleep but no such luck. Howard and Kyle, five other men, and a lot of tools and luggage have gone to Guatemala for two weeks to work on vehicles for Impact Ministries. This is Howard's sixth trip and Kyle's second. They were both pretty excited. Me too. I'm excited to have two weeks to meander my own way. It's good.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - vision


  1. I really like the stacked buttons Myrna. I am not much of a purse maker but this gives me ideas. Hope your eye is doing better, nasty business that.

  2. Those feet are cute! I hope your eye gets well soon.

  3. is there a store nearby that carries Similasan eyedrops? They're homeopathic--I call them "voodoo drops"--but the version for styes does the trick.

    looking forward to seeing the finished purse!

  4. Take care of your sore eye. I love the button feet. Can't wait to see the grand finale. Way to build up suspense!!

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