Thursday, April 10, 2014

Grey Sweaters & Purple PJ Pants

On the weekend, through my sty induced haze, I managed to finish the grey baby garter ridge sweater. In fact...

... I made two of them. I realized fairly quickly that there was more than enough yarn to knit a second sweater for baby's older brother.

The pattern is simple, a combination of stockinette and garter stitch with the main body knit in one section and the sleeves sewn in. Several variations on the theme are dancing in my head ready to experiment with.

Here the two are side by side while blocking the underarm and shoulder seams. The boys are two years apart and - LOL - so are the sweaters. They should fit around Christmas time.

Perhaps it was the eye driving me crazy but I started and discarded two pairs of pj pants in the prissy pink floral and the lime satin before finally sewing the purple with black knit. That particular fabric has a gorgeous feel and was quite expensive only...

... when you turn and top stitch the seams, the white of the back shows through. That's so annoying. Luckily, I bought this piece on sale 70% off. It's perfect for pajamas. Knit pajama pants have become my favourite. A lot less ease is required and they bend and move when I do and this particular pair has lovely drape. Go figure - flattering pajamas - VBG.

I made another pair in a pink slinky type knit that I bought for $2.00 a meter in the bargain center. There was just enough for the pajamas and - again - they hang beautifully and are really comfortable to wear.

The toddler size mannequin arrived last week. It's not all that I'd hoped it would be in terms of a design tool because the shoulders are undefined and the neck is ultra straight as opposed to set forward on the body. Together, those two aspects distort the way the garment hangs in terms of fitting however as a way to exhibit the pieces it works quite fine.

The dust bunnies upstairs are calling out, jumping up and down, desperately attempting to get my attention and doing a fabulous job of standing out against the floor only I am going to ignore them and spend the morning in the studio and then head half an hour out of town to my friend's house for lunch and the afternoon and then - when I get back - go for dinner with my oldest son. I'm looking forward to a lovely day.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - two new pairs of pajama pants for my trip to Oregon. I shan't look shabby even at night - VBG.

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  1. Love the sweaters! I want one too :-)

    The pattern looks perfect for variations, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    I'm going to the button shop at lunch tomorrow to find buttons for the cardigan I finished a couple months ago, then I can finish the button bands and sewing it up. By then, I'll be ready to block the pullover I've been working on in the meantime.

    Sewing? What sewing??? lol!


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