Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another Teaser

I spent yesterday in the studio and the coat is almost finished. There are just the facing, the buttonholes, and the buttons left to go. I'll have a few more pictures tomorrow but not one of the completed coat until Gwen gets to see it first at the retreat. For now, another teaser.

The original pattern is drafted with center back cut on fold. I added a seam to allow for easier piecing since I was re-using the cut up bits from the first version. I also added a bit more hip room by flaring the seam below the waist. Above, I'm sewing the scraps into the shape of the right center back piece. The goal is to make a piece of fabric that is...

... slightly bigger than the pattern piece you want to cut out from it. Before I cut out the pattern pieces, I steam pressed the pieced sections and allowed them to cool which made for a crisp, easy to cut fabric.

One thing to be careful about with this kind of work is that you actually mirror the shape to make a left and a right section. It's all too easy to forget and to make two that are alike. That doesn't work.

The jacket is unlined. I used a matching thread to serge each seam and pressed them in one direction and then...

... top stitched with a fuchsia thread. This isn't the same thread I used last time. It's slightly brighter. I choose it because it's thicker and I thought it would stand out better against the fabric. In retrospect, the previous one was a better color choice but I doubt anyone would complain. I'm not going to. It's just good learning.

I even had to piece the facings. For these, I pressed the seam allowances open and then topstitched on both sides of the seam. I did that for the center back, the underarm, and the shoulder seams as well as it helped to eliminate bulk and to secure the seam allowances. Today, I'm finishing the coat and have a bunch of errands to run and will - hopefully - have coffee with my youngest son depending on his schedule and then I've traced a skirt pattern to go with the jacket. There's a dark denim in stash that would be great along with a white t-shirt. LOL - I bought one just in case.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a successful refashion on a tight deadline


  1. I love to see your use of bits of favorite fabrics combined to make whole cloth. Very inspiring!

  2. This is a good fabric for piecing. I love the way the stripes play off one another. Great way to save the fabric!

    1. It is. The fabric was subtle and easily overwhelmed. I think the piecing gave it a bit more drama and interest.

  3. You have FAR more patience than me!


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