Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Something I've Never Done Before

To be an artist, you must learn to let yourself be. Stop getting better. Start appreciating what you are. Do something that simply delights you for no apparent reason.

For an artist willing to have a learning curve, all directions lead to somewhere worthy. The problem lies in parsing out what constitutes a success - and for an artist that may be making something new and challenge rather than repeating a known success.
- Julia Cameron, Walking In This World

My goal this past weekend was to finish the challenge project and have it out of the way and done so I could focus on a few simple garments for my holiday wardrobe. When I got to the collar stage, I decided to work at it step by step and to do something I've never done before - which is not to say something that has never been done. Sometimes I can worry too much about being original rather than letting my work develop and grow organically and enjoying the process. I started with a simple band and then...

... added a flange around the top and then spent a considerable amount of time created a pleated frill above that and I liked it... sort of... only....

... when I got to the button stage, the work ground to a halt and sat there for a few days. I couldn't make myself make the buttonholes because I'm not happy with the piece. I don't think it's the best use of the fabric and I think the linen is too soft for a coat SO... I'm going to refashion it next weekend and I feel good about that decision. There's something about listening to our intuition that is very important. When it's jumping up and down and saying no, there is something new to learn in this situation. I'm excited about the project I have in mind but first....

... a few simple projects in-between. Palette cleansers. Yesterday, I sewed Burda 8213. This is my all time favourite style of skirt. I can remember buying this style in a sage green, baby cord, when I was in high school and I've bought or sewn variations of it in the forty years since. It always flatters and feels good on.

In the fall, I sewed it out of a knit and love wearing that skirt so much that I decided to make another knit version. The fabric is gorgeous and has a lovely hand and drape and even though I bought it on sale, the regular price was quite expensive. Even so, it's somewhat disappointing because it's printed and any time you press a seam to one side, the white of the backing shows through. With this pattern, the white is only visible at the waistband which will be covered by my top and occasionally at the hemline which would take a lot of effort to see. Otherwise, the seams are pressed open and that seems to work. Sorry for the blurry picture.

I didn't try to match the print. With busy designs like these, I never bother because I love the way the lines meld and merge and create new images. I'll wear this with a black top and a pink sweater I bought RTW last week that matches just perfect. A total fluke. A welcome one.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a new idea for refashioning the striped fabric

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