Friday, May 23, 2014

The Plaid And The Polka Dots

White is not a color I sew with often however... eventually... even though you rarely use them... the spools do run out... which happened yesterday. When I went to change the serger thread to white, I couldn't find the spools and then remembered I was supposed to buy more the next time they were on sale. Which I hadn't. But luckily they were on sale again. I picked some up when I went out in the afternoon - buy 1 get 2 free - which was good - but the day still got turned around and I didn't sew until after dinner - in my pajamas.

I finished up to the fitting stage and then set the top aside. I didn't feel like getting dressed again to try it on. This morning, I'll finish it before taking the challenge project apart and starting to refashion it. I'll be sure to get a before picture for next week's posting. I realized I hadn't shown the completed collar in the earlier posting.

I'm getting really excited about my trip. A week today and I'll be on the road. I have a section in my closet where I've hung all the garments I'm taking. They're all there now except for this one top that I'm still sewing. Typically when I travel, I...

... scoop up all my favourite jewelry and take it along and decide on the day what I'm going to wear only jewelry is heavy so this time I'm putting the chosen necklace together on the hanger with the outfit. I picked up this silver and black one downtown the other day. It was hard to find since smaller jewelry seems to be in right now. That's not my style. I prefer statement pieces. I think this one is just perfect with the plaid and the polka dots. AND...

... I found this other piece in my jewelry box. A friend gave it to me for Christmas and I remember thinking at the time that it was pretty but didn't seem to really go with anything I already owned. It does however go with the red floral dress and is the right length for the neckline. Too fun.

Yesterday I picked up all those little things you need for a trip although I forgot a garment bag so I need to go back today and take a look. Normally, I put everything in my suitcase only I'm trying to pack more compact this time. I want to try a smaller suitcase and a garment bag. Perhaps I can even throw my shoes in the bottom.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - statement necklaces


  1. A thousand years ago, or so it seems from my current age, I gave a presentation in college speech class on how to pack most efficiently. Bottom line: roll each garment. You will be amazed at how much more you can fit in your bags, and the added benefit is that this technique minimizes wrinkling. If you have a jacket to pack, fold it in thirds lengthwise, use your softer unmentionables or night clothes to pad under the fold lines, then roll. Even though that garment makes a bigger roll, they all still fit in the suitcase together very nicely. Enjoy your trip!

    1. Thanks for the packing tips. I'll definitely use them. I didn't end up buying a garment bag. They wanted way too much for what they said would only hold three outfits so it's all going in the suitcase.

  2. Love that chunky necklace. It looks super with that outfit. I also like the black and white print you're using for the top. Really sophisticated! I envy you getting to go to DOL. It's on my bucket list!

    1. Thanks. I saw it and knew right away it would work with that outfit. I'm really looking forward to DOL. I hope you get to go some time soon. It's a fabulous experience.


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