Friday, May 16, 2014

Too Much, Not Enough, And Just Perfect

Although I'm THE most disorganized I've ever been heading into a trip, I am started to get super excited about my holiday. Two weeks today, I'll be on my way, heading to the border and then down the I5 to the first stop. I'm taking two days to drive to Ashland so I can meander my way.

My wardrobe might be a bit scattered and that's okay. I will be dressed. Holidays for me are a wonderful opportunity to dress up a bit more and it was quite delightful the first time I went to this workshop to not be the only one. I'm looking forward to that again. I love seeing the clothes and the accessories that other women use to bring their look together - all the little details.

I've been thinking a lot about details. These first four images are of Marcy Tilton's pieces. Marcy does a lot of work with knits while Diane Ericson more often works with woven fabrics. While I've worked with knits quite a bit over the past few years, I haven't managed to take that step where I start adding all these delightful collar details which are...

... in my opinion... a way of adding interest not only to the process but the finished product. In packing for the trip, I've been thinking about what do I want to work on and I've decided to take supplies for little girl coats and for bags because I'm very familiar with sewing those two products and will be able to sew with ease while my mind sifts through the stimulation of the instruction and the other workshop members.

Too much stimulation can become quite overwhelming. Like I mentioned last week, suddenly your mind is going in a million directions and you want to incorporate this and that and that and this and you're not actually moving forward with much momentum. Or I'm not at least. It's more like spinning in circles, a kid in a candy shop, too much to make a choice.

These next three pictures are Diane's. If you get an opportunity to hear Diane talk at Sew Expo or to check out some of her on-line videos or - best of all - take a workshop, you'll discover she has such an ability to see potential in the smallest of bits. One of the things I've asked her to talk about at the workshop is how to store all those bits and pieces so you know what you have and can actually find and use it. I think there are at least six fabrics in the above collar treatment and...

... probably just about as many in this lace version in progress. The earlier one I can see myself wearing. This one is not at all my style. That has been my strongest learning over the past two years. What is and isn't me and what to focus in on.

One consideration for me is how to mix collar treatments with my love of statement necklaces. I'm not sure how the two go together and that may be why I've haven't quite yet embraced this direction. However, simple collars are not as challenging to sew and I'm ready for more challenge so this year I plan to pay particular attention to collars and closures. To me, they represent a way to take a T & T pattern and evolve it in new directions as does...

... my awareness that I prefer wearing monochromatic color schemes and avoiding what I refer to as too much clutter. My friend Sharon took this picture for me when we were out shopping the other day. It's a wonderful mix of fabrics and details that was probably over-dyed to one color after the fact and even so, it's the type of direction I'd like to move in. Katherine's Vogue 8691 would be a good starting point for this idea. My years in quilt making and textile art provided plenty of experience in mixing fabrics. I've been doing some of that with my fashions but there's certainly room for more and room for finding that line between too much, not enough, and just perfect.

This morning, I'm off to journal, and then to buy dirt, and then to weed the flower garden. The weeds are threatening to take over the perennials and since the sun is finally shining and the weather is warming up, it's time to clean things up pretty. After that, I'll work on the coat some more. It's making great progress.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a focus for both what I want to sew and what I want to learn at the workshop


  1. Thank you for the inspiring photos! You are certainly an ambitious woman, with lots going on in your life. I wish you great success in each endeavor -- sewing, gardening, self-expression, class-taking.

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm not sure that I see myself as ambitious but having things to do does help with the "lots going on in my life". I am SO EXCITED about the workshop. I can hardly wait to go and I am so NOT ready. LOL - oh well. I have a bit more time.


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