Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A No Sew Day

My friend Barb is coming tonight and staying for a week. I'm really looking forward to her visit. She's an easy guest both in the studio and around the house and she's interesting to talk to with a variety of life experiences, the kind of person that you're never bored when you're with.

In the studio, Barb works steadily on her own project without any constant need for affirmation or information and she'll observe what I'm doing without asking questions or giving unsolicited in-put - until asked - and then she always has fabulous feedback. I reciprocate. It's a good partnership.

Around the house, she makes herself at home. In fact, sometimes she'll pop up and disappear and you'll find her in the kitchen making dinner or whipping up a dessert. It's all very lovely. Her coming to visit was the perfect push to finally get a few things done that I've been putting off... and off... and off... like...

...cleaning the fridge and the fridge freezer and the chest freezer and the pantry and wiping down the fronts of the cupboards and dumping the crumbs out of the silverware drawer and weeding the front garden. We only have three pots and a postage stamp and yet it takes me forever to get out there and pull those weeds and then - when I do get there - only about ten minutes to get it all done. The pots are doing very well. I water them every other day. The front? Not so well. We don't have control over when and how much watering the garden gets. The strata has an automated system. It's not enough. The plants haven't even lost their pot shape from when I planted them five weeks ago. I've started to "extra" water with a hose.

Unlike the people I live with, Barb has adventurous tastebuds. When I was at the grocery store, picking up all kinds of things for us to enjoy, I also bought this Gluten-Free Pasta book. You can either make pasta from scratch or use suggested GF bought brands. It has a recipe for African Peanut sauce that sounds very interesting. SO...

... even though I got a lot done, it was a no sew day yesterday. This morning, I need to dust and vacuum, make a pot of soup and some granola, and then play until Barb arrives. YES YES ! ! !

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - good friends

Making art has taught me that the tiniest smidgen of progress is something to be savored.
- Julia Cameron


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    1. I think it will be. I've just done a bunch more errands - now the soup.

  2. Friends like Barb are truly a treasure. Enjoy!


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