Monday, June 16, 2014

Bias Tape

The little coat is still not finished although not from lack of trying. I spent all day Saturday finishing the hem and attempting at least a half dozen possibilities for center front only to dislike all of them. I did eventually decide on a solution. More about that tomorrow. Today, bias tape ! ! !

The inside of the hem is finished with a half inch wide strip of bias tape made from the same fabric used for the piping details. Normally, I wouldn't have included this detail since it added another two hours of work however...

... no matter how many times I changed the needle, adjusted the tension, or rethreaded the machine, I couldn't get away from bits of the turquoise stitching showing on the reverse side even though...

... it was neat and clean and "normal" on the front. The bias tape did the trick to cover that mess and add interest to the inside hemline.

Bias tape is easy to make with Clover's bias tape makers. These come in a variety of sizes and are really simple to use.

For half inch tape, a one inch wide bias strip of fabric was feed into the bias maker and the folded edges pressed as they emerged out the other side. Using the handle, I pulled the bias maker along the strip while following with the iron. It's quick and accurate like so many of Clover's tools. They're my favourite company for both sewing and knitting notions.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - useful, accurate tools

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  1. I posted a little while ago about my first go at bias tape and! I feel like I've been missing out! SOOOOO fast with the bias tape maker it's crazy! :)

    Can't wait to see the finished product there!

    1. The tape makers are fast and easy and come in a nice selection of widths. The finished product is taking its time to emerge. Soon hopefully. That's the fun of new learning.

  2. Pretty bias tape on the hem. I love adding those "hidden" details to my projects. Love your work!

    1. It is pretty. If I'd planned for it, I wouldn't have had to do both edges by hand but it did the trick covering up the stitching.

  3. Thank you for showing how you hold the clover tool. I was using my clover bias tape maker tool yesterday and I was holding it the other way (upside down, so the open folds were against the ironing board). I'll try it your way next time.

    Rose in SV

    1. You're welcome. Hope it goes better.


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