Thursday, June 5, 2014

Inner Jumping Jacks

Gwen - the woman who owns the steam iron - has a theory about irons. She says that they will last one year for each hundred dollars spent. She does custom sewing and alterations and uses an iron all the time. That does seem like a lot but that iron really REALLY steams like a dream so I may actually give it a try. We'll see how my budget looks when I get home.

Yes, the sewing space is tight but it's not tighter than most retreats. It's very common to have two people to a table and the inspiration is HUGE. I will gladly sign up for another shared table tight spot for more of that shot in the arm. It's so totally worth it. There are so many ideas bubbling around in my head that I'm completely energized. I'll simply pack even less - as in significantly less - as in maybe a quarter of what I packed this year - next year. It'll be good. Only three hundred and sixty five sleeps - LOL.

The little coat is sewn together minus the collar and the center front and hem finishes. Since it's sewn from canvas, it's quite stiff. I plan to wash it a few times with tennis balls to soften it up before I finish it. I'll zigzag the raw edges to prevent fraying first. I showed it to Miles at this stage and he thought it was a good collaboration of our fabrics. I'm glad.

Here's a detail of the piping around the armhole meeting the piping down the princess seam. I love the way they merge. Last night, Diane gave us a short lecture on collar possibilities and I can hardly wait to get home and try some variations for this coat. I've realized that I need to do more sampling and to think of my one project at a time way of working as one collar and then another collar as opposed to one collar on a shirt and then another collar on a shirt. It's time for me to spend more time on possibilities and to start to grow my bits & pieces of little things to add details collection and skills.

This morning, we're going to work on fabric buttons, closures, cording, and some jewelry bits. I'm really excited about these ideas because they are predominately fabric methods and will add interesting, unique, and individualized moments to my garments. YES YES! We're done at noon and this afternoon I'm going to The Art Barn on Marcy Tilton's property. It's about an hour and a half away. When I confirmed that it was still okay for me to come, Shelley reminded me of the distance only - from my perspective - I couldn't possibly go home without visiting. An hour and a half is nothing compared to the the fourteen hour drive home.

Karen - one of the women who has been at all three of the retreats that I've been at - gave me this plate at breakfast yesterday. She'd bought it the day before without knowing it was my birthday because she felt it was a message from God to me about a shift, a door opening, a change in the future. I'm touched. What a lovely gesture. I do feel as if something has shifted and that possibilities are beginning to present themselves. That's a wonderful feeling.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - inner jumping jacks


  1. Dear Myrna, I don't always take time to comment but I do so admire your attitude and your well as your skill. Waiting for the door to open usually is not the best way to proceed with the creative life. Working in place, stretching your limits and searching for the bridge to combine ones ideas into action surely defines you. Here's hoping that the opening door is the one you have been searching for. It seems that many of the components are in place just waiting for your spark to catch. Have a safe trip home.

  2. I so look forward to your posts and sharing in this journey both mental and physical is a real treat :) That little coat is gorgeous!


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