Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It Was Love At First Steam

THANK YOU so much for all the birthday greetings. I appreciate the well wishes. I had breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee with different women and some great one-to-one creative conversations. The class went on a tour of the costume department at the Shakespeare Festival on a work day and got to see it in motion which is apparently never done and was VERY interesting. I made a lot of progress on my project and in the evening, there was a drop-in for previous DOL attendees and I reconnected with Joanne from a previous retreat and met Anna who I've blogged with. It was a fabulous day.

I'm not sure if Diane remembered it was my birthday, and nothing was said out loud, but there were cake labels at each of our places in the morning. I taped mine to my machine.

When I was twelve, I sat down at the sewing machine and fell in love. This is my new love - a reliable steam generating iron. It is beyond wonderful and may be what I buy with my birthday money. I just need to track it down on Amazon first. It presses like a dream and you all know how I feel about pressing. It was love at first steam.

I have been struggling to work in the smaller space. At home, if things end up on the floor, it's time to take a break. Here, I'm doing a lot of work down on my knees between the tables. In the image above, I was cutting bias strips to make piping for the little coat.

Here's the right front with two sections of piping sewn in and a third section pinned around the armhole I'll finish that this morning and sew all the sections together before deciding on the collar and closures. I want to be more experimental with those since they are the focus of my learning on this trip.

Here's a detail shot. I think Miles' painted fabric and mine go together quite well. On the coat, there are three plainer pieced sections that I want to do more work on but not until I see the shape in its entirety so I can get the balance correct. The coats have received a lot of attention. At first, the other women wondered why I sewed in a size two. I keep explaining that it's a safe place to risk and to play because it doesn't have to fit me or anyone I know. Several have started to say they can see the appeal. I find making the coats very fun and play is such a critical element to finding joy in our lives. We need more play.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a wonderful birthday


  1. Happy belated birthday. I'm glad that you had a great day. Treat yourself to the iron, you deserve it. Every time you use it you will think of this week.

  2. It was great to finally meet you, and I loved all your coats and bags. You do amazing work, such creativity! Enjoy the rest of the retreat........

  3. Do Not Buy The Iron. I bought one, loved it, and it died 2.5 years later. It is not built to do anything more than iron your clothes with. I got told that last week when I called about mine and said I used it 3 to 5 hours a day.
    I am using a lovely iron right now but want to look for another one that has the smaller iron like this one. Not sure which direction I am going to go as I am still looking.
    Sorry if I burst your bubble on this iron.

    1. I just read a report by someone who said they have had to replace this iron every two years.

  4. The cake label is so cute! Too bad you're working in such a small space. I wouldn't be happy with that at all, so I admire you for hanging in there with it.
    The coat is coming along nicely. It will be fun to see the finished garment!

  5. Play is wonderful!

    I too would have problems trying to work in such a small space--to the point that it would be a deal-killer for me. Good to know....


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