Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Holiday Treats Part 2

My friend Caroline met me in Portland for the weekend. We'd planned to go downtown on Saturday and visit The Button Emporium and The Real Mother Goose only the parade was on that day so we detoured to the mall instead and spent the day shopping. On Sunday, we went to the Goodwill and Fabric Depot. By that point, she needed another suitcase and my car was looking decidedly stuffed for one person traveling alone so we opted to restrict our access to potential purchases. HOWEVER...

... the pile at left above is clothing to hang up and the pile on the right is clothing to cut up. The to hang pile contains three cardigans and three pairs of absolutely fabulous, skim but not squeeze, slipshorts and the to cut up pile contains a black linen skirt, a denim colored linen skirt, and two black sweaters all to be refashioned. At the mall, the cardigans were 50% off the last ticketed price and at Goodwill, the blue tags were 50% off and the most expensive two had blue tags.

We hit Fabric Depot at exactly the right time. The entire store was 25% off although the blue lace above was on the manager's special and 50% off. Next to it, left to right, is muslin, lawn, and a knit blend.

The holey fabric is 100% cotton and could be dyed to any color. The lace was significantly marked down to $3.00 per meter. When I was at Sew Expo last year, there was a booth filled with painted lace samples that was quite inspiring. Since I rarely use white, I'll either overdye or paint this piece.

The cording was way, Way, WAY less expensive than here at home. I bought ten yards of each size to use for making garment trim, frogs, knotted buttons, and cording.

The notions are a violet and a green packet of I-Dye poly for synthetic fabrics, a spool of my favourite turquoise King Tut thread, black cording, a hand felting tool, and fuchsia, black, and pink with black stripes buttons. The triangle buttons are really interesting. You sew the triangle to one side of the garment and the circle to the other side and they loop through each other to close the garment.

I purchase Butterick, McCalls, and Vogue patterns on-line so I didn't even look at those catalogs however, our local Fabricland no longer carries New Look or Simplicity patterns. Top left was bought for the featured jacket, top right for the blue dress with lace yoke, bottom left for the lace backed t-shirt with the pointed hem, and bottom right for the short sleeve shrug. Will I sew any of them? Who knows. Time will tell.

Tomorrow, I have a few more treats to share and then I need to have a serious discussion with myself about enough is enough. Quite honestly, while I'm likely to continue taking advantage of fabric sales, I need to be exceptionally picky. Not only am I running out of stash space but I have more than enough to challenge me and it's time to dig in and do. I'll be attending Design Outside The Lines again next year and I need to sew down the stash to make room for what I'll buy then... because I will buy something... because that's just what I do since I am - happily - addicted to fabric - and - as we often say - it's cheaper than therapy.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - endless possibilities in the studio

Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
- Samuel Beckett


  1. These are wonderful additions to your collection and I'm especially interested in how you're going to paint the trim. This is something I've been thinking about doing also! As for the accumulation, I've recently stopped too because my collection was advancing up the basement steps. It's actually been quite thrilling to delve into my collection and work with something I have. But like you I'm sure there will come a time, sooner rather than later, when I will acquire again!!!

    1. The painting I saw at Sew Expo was done with small amounts and individual colors. They were little works of art and quite gorgeous. I'm thinking more of a solid color or perhaps the tips. I may try over-dyeing first since it's softer than paint.

      It is fun to dive into your collection. I want to experiment more with details and possibilities, to invest more effort in learning, perhaps more sampling rather than finished garments. I am more process than product driven but I still find not finishing something difficult.

  2. You're always such a wealth of information: this time I learned about slipshorts. And as a blog follower, I'm lucky to be inspired in turn by your inspirations from this trip. Now I can't wait to see what you do with that holey cotton and those amazing triangular buttons.

    1. The slipshorts are VERY comfortable. They don't squeeze at all. I'm glad my trip inspired you. I hope I get to the holey fabric soon. Some things sit in stash for a while, others get used quickly. LOVE the triangular buttons. I'm thinking about what they could be used on.

  3. It IS cheaper than therapy! And probably more productive :-)


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