Monday, June 2, 2014

My Little Corner

On Friday, I got away at a good hour and crossed the border around nine in the morning. I'd packed a breakfast intending to eat it while waiting my turn and - of course - I drove straight across. The entire rest of the drive - twelve hours - I was never alone on the highway. There were always several cars around and LOTS of transport trucks which usually means the economy is picking up. This is good, even if I'm not used to bumper car traffic.

Saturday morning, I had a delightful breakfast with Jean in Lake Oswego before carrying on to Ashland. What a wonderful thing the Internet has done connecting us to others who share our passion. Jean and I talked for almost two hours and to an outside observer, I doubt they'd have known we'd never met before.

I arrived in Ashland early Saturday afternoon and checked into the hotel. I think I got the room in my pictures from the other day. The light is AMAZING. There are two large sets of double windows and one single window in the bedroom alone plus the two you can see in the bathroom image. Yesterday morning, I curled up in the sunshine in the sitting area to journal. It was much nicer than the Starbucks just down the way and so peaceful.

My room has a small desk just inside the door that is perfect for setting up the computer and having it off to one side. There's even a "real" closet, with a door, and lots of hangers, where I could tuck away all my luggage and clothing. It is certainly not the amazing cabin I had in Sisters but it's lovely none-the-less. It'd be nice to have that cabin here in Ashland because the cabins and the classroom in Sisters were much more wonderful than what's here however, Ashland has so much more to offer in terms of shopping, entertainment, and restaurants. If asked though, I may prefer Sisters. We'll see at the end of the week.

And you don't have to make the bed - LOL. I just flipped back the sheets and the wonderful maids came in and cleaned up later. You've just got to love those women. It's so nice to be taken care of and to just sit back and relax. YES YES. I meant to get a picture of my little corner in the classroom as well but forgot to take it while the light was good - hopefully tomorrow.

Last night, we had a sit down dinner in the atrium and then an opening circle to introduce ourselves, talk about our intent for the week, and discuss the schedule for the next few days. Things are a little bit different since this is the first workshop I'm attending where Marcy is no longer teaching. I'm the only Canadian student and the one who drove the furthest and there is a student from New Zealand who flew here especially to take the workshop. How fun! It's a wonderful mix of women, many of whom I've met before including Elaine who I met at Sew Expo in Puyallup. She isn't taking the workshop but happens to live here in Ashland. We met for coffee and a tour of the town yesterday morning and again, it was so easy to talk. I'm thankful for that connection with other creative women. What a gift.

I'm not sure which project I'll start with but I think the little girl's coat made from the painted canvas. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - safe travels

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