Friday, July 25, 2014

Away A Week & The Unfinished Dress

The dress is mostly but not quite finished. All the pieces are together. What's left is the binding around the armholes and neck and the false placket at the front HOWEVER... I'm not in a rush to finish it because I've decided it's just a little too different from my usual style to wear to a party. I'm not quite comfortable in it so I'll finish it for around home and see if it starts to feel more comfortable before I sew the pattern again. Howard says it doesn't make you look bad. Hmm... is that man talk for a compliment or... ?

Before I sew it again, I need to fine tune the pattern pieces. With the underdress, I merged over three sizes from the waist to the hemline. With the upper dress pieces, I knew the underarm and the hem were correct and I merged that line just before sewing the side seam. It...

... turned out just fine but for next time, I'd prefer to fix it first. I love when a pattern is clean and trued and I can just cut, sew, and thoroughly enjoy the rhythm of putting the pieces together.

Even with a smooth fit through the sides, I can take the dress on and off over my head without needing an opening so I plan to baste the placket opening to the under dress and then sew a false placket on top wrapping it over the neck binding and around to the back to give a tab look.

Here's how the front looks unfinished. I'm disappointed that the angles on the skirt aren't more obvious. Perhaps it's the striped look of the fabric influencing the affect, but they look more like a mistake than a design element on my dress as compared to the pattern envelope. Next time, I'd be tempted to make the angle more obvious and...

... I'd lower the elastic shirring closer to my actual waist. It feels annoying up this high - so annoying that I might actually...

... lower it on this dress once I finish everything else and see how I feel about it. Right now, it's only OK, not fabulous... which leaves room for improvement... and this is good.

Howard is working until noon tomorrow and then we're off to our friend's retirement party about three hours away, spending the night, and returning Sunday. While I'm gone, my house is going to fill up with young men and next week the guys are away on their annual trip to Creationfest and I am taking a sewcation to work on some new ideas. I won't be blogging. I'll be sleeping in, moving slow, and doing whatever I want to do. I will be back the week after.

Today, it's blog, run, breakfast out with my other Dad, journal, and a few errands and then I'll clean my studio, tidy things up, touch my stash, look at all the notions and embellishments, bits and pieces that are stored here, there, and everywhere, decide what stays and what goes, pull out what I want to work on next, and get ready for my sewcation. YES YES. I'm really looking forward to playing.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - the learning and encouragement of experimentation

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. The last I remember about your DH was that he was off work indefinitely. Sounds like he is working again, and I hope that means he is feeling better. Enjoy your trip and your vacation while the men are away!

    1. He is working again but in tremendous amounts of pain. Being at work was better than sitting on the couch depressed but it's about all he can handle. When he gets home, he's on the couch. He's not sure about this trip. He wants to go because they've been going together for about thirteen years but the "boys" will need to do all the heavy work plus major parts of the driving. This is good though. They can take care of him - turn about. His next appointment is mid September so it could be months before anything - like surgery - finally happens.

  2. I think you're right about there not being enough angle to the skirt. Would it be possible to shirr the shorter side just a little, perhaps hiding the shirring under the top? It's a beautiful color, has great overall shape, and should be flattering on you. Prayers for your husband, and good wishes to you for your time alone...

    1. Great idea. I'll play with that when I have a bit more time. I could also re-hem the bottom at a greater angle or add some angled tucks. LOL - we'll see.

  3. I think this dress is gorgeous. Much nicer than on the pattern website. Love the colour and fabric you have chosen. Sorry that you don't love it.

    1. Thank you. Perhaps I'll like it when it's all finished and I find the right accessories. I didn't want to rush it for tomorrow but I do intend to finish and wear it and see what happens. It's not so much that I don't like as it's different than normal and I need to "adjust".


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