Friday, July 18, 2014

Imaginary Sewing

Yesterday, I cleaned house, went to two grocery stores, put away all that food, picked up baby proofing things at WalMart, and took my son to Michaels to get some hardboard for painting - because he wants to - paint that is - and I will - of course - enable art. The only kind of sewing I did was...

... imaginary. Above is the fabric I'm contemplating for the Butterick 5881 dress. The print runs selvage to selvage. It's 20" high with a 10" plain gap between and very lightweight - a cotton voile. I wouldn't want the print to be obvious or all over so I'm still debating if I'll use the fabric and how to break it up. In the end, I may not use it but for now, it's top of the list.

Libby asked yesterday about the full bust adjustment. The resource I use over and over is Fit For Real People. Above is the page with the information on altering no dart fronts like the underdress. If you don't have this book, I highly recommend it.

I didn't sew but I did buy fabric. The guest room is at the front of our house and has a big bay window that gets a lot of lovely light which the mini-blinds do very little to block, definitely not enough for a toddler to nap so...

... I bought some blackout drapery fabric regular $18.00 per meter and conveniently on sale for $7.00 and I'll cut a strip to fit each window, tape a pocket until I have time to sew it, and hang them up with a tension rod which fits behind, between the mini blinds and the window. That should do the trick.

This cartoon made me laugh. A month ago, I had my annual physical which include blood tests which I put off until just recently because I didn't want to hear what they might say. I needed to think it through on my own first and make the choices I wanted to make as opposed to someone telling me what to do and I needed to deal with the fact that the stress of the mess of the rest of my life is having an impact on my health. Frustrating or not, what is, is and now I get to choose how I want to act.

The doctor's office hasn't called yet but I know what the possibilities are and they're not pretty so I'm upping my treadmill time from 30 - 45 minutes, committing to for sure run five days a week with no excuses, and making some changes to my eating habits. Every time I see something best avoided, I remind myself that I'd much rather have my eyesight. LOL - how's that for a scare tactic. Too funny. Whatever works. SO... we'll see how this affects sewing. Should be interesting.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - having choices

Charity begins at home is not a bromide. It is a direction. It means start with being nice to yourself, your authentic self, then try being nice to everyone else. When we undervalue ourselves, we literally bury ourselves in lives not our own. Meeting the expectations of others, we may misplace our own values. Violating our true selves, we soon feel worthless and undeserving. As an artist, being nice is not nearly as important as being authentic. When we are what we truly are and say what we truly mean, we stop shouldering the responsibility for everyone else's shortfalls and become accountable to ourselves. When we do, astonishing shifts occur. We become aligned with our true higher power, and creative grace flows freely. When we stop playing God, God can play through us. 

- Julia Cameron, The Artists Way Every Day. 


  1. I hope you get some good news. In the meantime, this might be a fun image for your inspiration file; I saw it and immediately thought it would look great on you.

    1. Even if it's good new, the choices would be wise to follow through on since these possibilities are in my genetics and I'd rather prevent them. Now is probably better than later.

      LOVE that top. LOVED the website. It was new to me and I found quite a few pieces of inspiration.
      Thank you.

  2. For such a short post, there sure is a lot of ground covered, all of which resonated with me in some way. Thanks for the book suggestion. I just added it to my next Amazon order. And what a great idea for a quick-fix for darkening the room so Baby can sleep well. (I just bought twenty yards of that fabric so I can spend the winter making our windows-everywhere house a little more sleep friendly.) How nice that you get to host your grandchild - there's nothing quite like them.
    Good luck with the test results. I do believe that stress is more important to reduce than cholesterol or weight for overall health, so your doctor should order you to do more sewing! Stay healthy, have fun.

    1. LOL - glad there was a lot for you to use. YES - get the book. Their Pants For Real People is excellent two.

      Putting the blackout into the window as opposed to over it allows some light through but it is vastly better. My daughter and grandson are coming. I'm looking forward to seeing both of them and wish my son-in-law would have been able to come too. He has to work.

      Yes, reducing stress makes sense only sometimes you live with the source of the stress and all that can be done is being done and there's not much else that can be changed. My doctor is highly in favour of me sewing, and taking artist dates, and going on road trips, and journal writing and anything else that helps. He's very supportive. Weight loss would probably be the end result of changes but you never know so I'm not worrying about those numbers. As long as I'm increasingly healthy overall, it's good.

  3. Like the idea of the blackouts separate from the drapes. A lot less sewing of bulky fabrics. Hope your tests come out okay. Stress can do a number on your body physically and mentally. Sewing for me is relaxing. I used to do a lot of other hobbies but now just do sewing.

    1. I sew and knit a bit. Working with fabric seems to be my love and as you say, it's relaxing.

  4. I also do a lot of imaginary sewing!


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