Monday, July 21, 2014

Playing With Baby

My house looks like a very small hurricane with a tremendous whirl has blown through. The chairs are on their sides so he can't climb up and fall over. The cupboards are elastic banded together. There's a baby gate across the hallway between the kitchen and the pantry which means a lot of jumping over and back. And all the lamps and ornaments are stored in our bedroom with the door closed. And it's...

... wonderful. We're enjoying having our daughter and grandson here and have spent a lot of time playing with baby. I cleaned out the potato bin and found him a low box so he'd have things to climb in and out of along with boats for the bathtubs, blocks, stacking shapes, and other toys. His favourites? The bin. The box. The pastry brush. And a water bottle one quarter full that makes bubbling shakes. Too fun.

There's something special about seeing the bond between your children and their children. Daimon is very much in a where's my Mommy stage although he didn't play strange at all. He just wants to know where she is and once he does, he's off to explore again. I couldn't begin to count the number of times he's toddled around the island in the kitchen.

Here we were playing with the self timer trying to get a picture of the two of us while Jessica made an amazing bacon wrapped meat loaf for dinner. I don't think it's the best shot of either of us but it did make us giggle and that's good.

Tomorrow afternoon, they're heading back home. I imagine I'll tidy up the living room, put away the toys, and crash on the coach and hopefully get to sewing in the evening or on Wednesday. I still haven't altered the rest of the Butterick dress pattern. There's been no time, I've been busy snuggling BUT we're going to a retirement party on the weekend and I'm going to try and finish it for then.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - baby snuggles


  1. darling, darling child. you are blessed.

  2. Enjoy and savor... Then get ready for the next phase, as none of them lasts very long.

  3. Thanks Kathie & Charade. I had a wonderful time with my daughter and grandson and a complete crash on the couch afterward. Babies do have a LOT of energy.


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