Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Salt Shaker And Wine

While she was visiting, Barb and I went to Fabricland to get some knit interfacing for her. She wasn't familiar with this product and after she'd tried a piece of mine, wanted some for herself. It was on sale. 50% off. In fact, the entire store was 50-70% off because they're getting ready for inventory. It's the time of year when I really need to limit my exposure because the deals are excellent.

I bought three meters each of this linen rayon blend for $7.00 per meter. It was stiff and starchy before washing and is soft and drapey after.

There was only 1.4 meters of the stable blue knit left for $3.00 per meter. The wool blend suiting was in the bargain center which was an additional 50% off making it $1.50 a meter.

AND... some more silk dupioni. The previous bargain center price was great but at $2.50 a meter, I bought every color left that I hadn't already bought except for gold and lilac. I can't see myself using either of those and opted to leave them at the store. I already have black, silver, fuchsia, a gold check, and a black/silver stripe and now these three. I think - LOL - that's enough.

When I got to the cashier, she asked me about my trip to Oregon and how much fabric I'd bought then. When I told her, she said you better go home and sew this stuff up. Hmm... why is that always the response as if we have to sew that fabric. If you collect salt shakers, do you have to use them? What about wine? I told her this is a collection, you don't open that bottle of wine. It'll get sewn when and if it gets sewn. Fabric is my salt shaker and wine.

The jacket isn't finished yet. I'm waiting for an answer about sewing on the knot buttons with snaps underneath. The facing is interfaced but I may need to add a small square below each button since the fabric is light-weight and pulls easily. With a button on top and a snap underneath, that seems prudent. I have a curved upholstery needle that should make sewing both on much easier.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - Happy Canada Day ! ! ! !

Follow your passion. It will lead you to your purpose. 
- Oprah Winfrey


  1. "...you better go home and sew this stuff up." oh, i don't like those kind of chiding remarks! But at the same time, maybe the cashier was just trying to say 'something' and that came out on it's own....?

    But i have to disagree about fabric, clothes, and wine. My mom lives in the city of Napa, the capital of Napa County - so we do a fair amount of wine tasting. My husband loves wine as well, has for over 20 years, and both of them have pretty extensive wine 'cellars'. Nothing, i tell you, NOTHING is worse than pouring a bottle of delicious wine and finding that you've waited too long and it doesn't have the life and balance it had a year or so before. Ouch!

    Now, fabric is not a living thing like wine is. But we are, and our tastes and preferences change with time, along with those of our culture's styles and fashions. It's just as sad to realize that a length of fabric or a garment you'd been 'saving' would have been just the thing for you - only the you of a couple of years ago, not today. So i find it's a fine balance - I want to pair the fabric with the right design of garment, at the same time you've spoken of 'holding precious' and continually putting off enjoyment of the treasures we have. The there's the whole aspect of a stash as a 'palette' - taking the idea of having certain colors, textures, etc. on hand for when you need them. In that case you do want to build up and not worry about using right away, and i do tend to do this with remarkable closures, laces and trims.

    It's funny, though i'm an avid sempstress i have a stash comprising maybe twenty, twenty five yards? And that's a lot for me! For *me* i think the bottom line is i don't want to sit on something i truly love for too long and miss out on enjoying it! Have fun with your collection Myrna!! steph

    1. I'm sure she was teasing. I've known her for years. But, it's a common comment as if somehow we have to actually use this stuff to justify it. My stash is way and beyond 25 yards and I'm okay with that. Other people have other things. This is mine.

      Interestingly, over time I've gotten better and better at picking fabrics that are truly me and there's a lot of me that has remained consistent over the years even from my previous fashion sewing years. The last few times I've cleaned my stash, there hasn't been much to move along. I notice that if I'm going to head off in the wrong direction, it'll be something too sweet or romantic and I've gotten better at appreciating those types of fabric at the store and not bringing it home.

      What I stash up on are typically basics not the wild stuff. When I buy wild - say the powerful pant fabric - I tend to sew it right away because it's time sensitive. There's nothing in my stash that's being held precious. It's just waiting for its moment and the right pairing as you talked about. I love walking into my stash cupboard and just looking at all the potential and possibility. It makes me happy. Way less expensive than therapy.

      I think on some level my stash makes me feel secure that I will be able to sew for as long as I am able. I have a neighbour who loves to knit and crochet and can't because she can't afford yarn. She used to sew and rarely does any more because of the cost of fabric. I'm not sure what her income is and why she isn't shopping sales because they might make it possible but the idea of not being able to create is overwhelming to me. My stash is - in part - my retirement fund.

  2. Oh I do enjoy your posts. You are such a cerebral sewist. I envy your confidence and security regarding your stash. I often feel ashamed of how much I have accumulated. My husband and I have taken early retirement yet I still collect more fabric. Life is still busy and sewing time is limited.

    1. If you can afford it and it gives you joy then I don't see any reason to be ashamed. I'd be more "worried" about making sure you get the time to sew. It's valuable self care and it's amazing what you can do with as little as ten or fifteen minutes a day. Like brushing your teeth maybe it needs to be part of your routine.


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