Friday, July 11, 2014

The Saggy Butt, Did You Actually Dare To Sit Down, Thing

Today's posting is short on words. I got home late last night and Howard needs to be at the hospital at six this morning for some more diagnostic tests meaning there was not a lot of time in the middle to write.

I had a wonderful visit with my friend yesterday. We had lunch at an outdoor cafe, went to a thrift store and a boutique, and checked out the gallery where her works is featured. She bought this fabulous red knit skirt. I took a LOT of pictures because I want to copy the pattern.

The house she bought was a HUGE make work project, one that I was simply to tired to even consider when I looked through it a few months ago. The rooms were painted garish bright colors including the ceilings and trim. Now, it's calm and peaceful in a soft grey with bright white trim. Francine has an incredible knack for decorating. I loved seeing the before and after.

We did get a few pictures of the jeans. They are Burda 8157 sewn from denim with a slight stretch. I wore them all day and they were quite comfortable although...

... at the point these pictures were taken, I'd had them on for most of the day and they were doing that saggy butt, did you actually dare to sit down, thing. I'm happy with the alterations I made except for a teeny tiny adjustment for the back crotch, not really noticeable, just me being picky.

Francine didn't realize the jacket wasn't sitting quite right on my shoulders so imagine it tipped forward more with the bust darts pointing to the right spot and the shoulders sitting more on point and the back neckline up higher. I'll try to get another picture with it in the correct position the next time I wear it.

We had trouble getting a picture of the back because the wind was blowing. It and the heat were doing a number on my hair too - LOL.. Next time, I will lengthen the pleats slightly and add more of a curve. Otherwise, I really like the jacket and plan to sew another variation.

On the way to Francine's, I stopped at the Fabricland in Salmon Arm and bought a 52" x 96" drapery panel in a rich brown only not for the panel. It had a blackout lining and was reduced to ten dollars. I've now bought two of these discounted panels to cut out the linings and add my own curtains for a fraction of the cost. I also bought a similar sized panel in a beige embroidered linen that was marked down 70%. It's the equivalent of just over three meters for $24.00 which is way less than the cost of one meter of embroidered linen. YES YES. I plan to over-dye it a more fun color.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - safe travels on a busy highway, a wonderful visit

Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. 
- Charles Dickens


  1. Myrna, the jacket is wonderful! I like the front a tad better than the back, but really like them both. Your jeans fit you very well. I particularly like the cut of the leg... that very straight line is especially flattering.

    1. Thanks. I much prefer that style of jean on me. The jacket is one of those patterns I've had around for a while so I decided to sew it and see. Interestingly I prefer the back probably because it's what attracted me in the first place BUT... the knot buttons do give interest to the front.


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