Thursday, August 21, 2014


The dress is finished. Today, you can see it on Millicent and on the weekend, I will - hopefully - get a picture of me wearing it to post next week. But first...

... I had an absolutely delightful time teaching my friend and her son how to fuse, and cut, and satin stitch a banner. We made Tom do most of the work since it was his banner and he had a fabulous attitude and really wanted to accomplish. He caught on quick and did a great job. In the time that he and his Mom - my friend....

... Rosemarie - were here, he made a lot of progress and is now ready to finish the piece on his Mom's machine. I got them past the part they didn't know. It was fun to watch them interact and Rosemarie said it meant a lot to her to work on the project together. Mom-son bonding. YES YES - I love teaching and especially teaching creativity. It's so important when you're trying something new, that it's a project that means something to you. That's what worked for Tom. He was invested.

Here's my dress. The light is making both the wall and the dress extra vibrant. It's a gorgeous magenta-ish purple with black stripes. Instead of buttonholes, elastic cording, and a cord stopper, I sewed a button to each fold and then used a tie made from the fabric to loop them together.

The width between the buttons can be adjusted narrower or wider depending on the desired look. The dress is both comfortable and flattering. It worked out well... not like the muslin of the Burda shurg which I also sewed yesterday. Definitely. Not. Flattering. I'll show you that tomorrow along with the sweater I'm refashioning into a shrug but... first...I'm off to Kelowna - 2 1/2 hours away - to help my friend shop for a bathing suit for her upcoming vacation. All I can say is that I'm glad it's not me who needs a bathing suit and I'm looking forward to a day with my friend.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - an opportunity to teach

When you really listen to yourself, you can heal yourself.
- Ceanne Derohan


  1. The dress looks lovely on Millicent and I'm looking forward to seeing it on you! Have a great day in Kelowna. Ugh to bathing suit shopping.

    1. Thanks. We had a great day. She found some suits right away at a specialty shop and then we meandered for the rest of the day. All good.

  2. This is so wonderful-it is a pattern I admire but just cannot wear. You will look amazing in it.

    1. Thanks. Do you think it might work for you in a shorter version? That might be fun to play with and we have a similar figure.


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