Monday, August 4, 2014

Meandered, Pondered, And Plodded

There may have been more vacation than sew in my sewcation and that's okay. It was a great break from responsibilities. I meandered, pondered and plodded and did what I wanted when I wanted. This is good. The last posting ended with my heading off to clean the studio. I did. A deep clean. The kind that sorts through every box, basket, drawer, closet and cupboard. It took two days. In the end, I had...

... sorted out five boxes of "stuff" to go to the thrift shop including a few fabrics and several patterns that were definitely never going to get sewn. The patterns were similar in style to ones that I'd muslined recently and found didn't suit my figure so there was no point keeping them. Luckily, over the past few years, my fabric and pattern "mistakes" have become fewer and further between. I've gathered enough experience to make mostly correct choices - in that area at least. Right now, I'm gathering refashioning experience. I returned quite a few garments to the thrift store that I'd bought thinking they had potential - and they do - only not for me.

I so rarely have UFO's that I can forget when I do. Cleaning yielded two - one of which was this bag of me-made panties that have been waiting for attention - a year at least. I far prefer my me-mades to purchased panties only when I made this last batch, I should have used a shorter and wider zigzag to attach the lace elastic at the top. The threads were popping so...

... I repaired them by sewing all the way around twice. It worked. I'm comfortably wearing them again without popping.

One thing I wanted to do on my vacation was try new things - like learning how to take, re-size, and post videos. I couldn't get the sound to work at first so - before he left on his holiday - Howard took this video of me sewing - or mending actually - lingerie - which is not something I'd normally post only it'll give you a sense of my tone and humor. I imagine some of you will be surprised by my voice. Me too. To me, it sounds exactly like my cousin and not at all like how I hear myself. I bet that happens often. I recently saw several videos of Julia Cameron and her actual voice was not at all like the voice I'd assigned her in my head when reading her books.

The comment about "bad photographer" in the video will make sense once I tell you that Howard takes a million pictures of things like the turkey and the potatoes and the cake and the candles but not one of the full group or the entire table but maybe half of a person's head or no head at all. One short event can generate hundreds of photos not necessarily of anything or at all useful but he does seem to enjoy taking them. When he was in Calgary, he took this picture of our daughter and grandson. Both of them have that please, not another picture look on their faces. Too fun.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a sewcation

When we are ourselves, we become both more humble and more daring. When we trust ourselves, we move surely. There is no unnecessary strain in our grasp as we reach out to meet life. There is no snatching at people and events, trying to force them to give us what we think we want. We become what we are meant to be. It is that simple. We become what we are, and we do it by being who we are, not who we strive to be. 
- Julia Cameron


  1. It's nice to hear your voice! My only comment regarding the video is that it was a bit difficult to hear you talking over the sound of the machine, but given that this was a test video, it was fine.

    Are you taking requests for videos? If so - I'd love to see how you use your fitted sloper to adjust commercial patterns (I have a good idea, but a picture (video!) is worth a thousand words :-) )

    1. It was quite loud. That's something I'll need to work on. I'll need to be able to take a longer video to do something like using the sloper but I'll definitely keep it in mind. I would like to do more videos. I have two to post that are lost in cyber space at the moment until Howard finished fixing my computer. They're of a studio tour.

  2. The picture of your daughter and baby is major funny...they have the exact same expressions on their faces!!!

  3. I tried your video yesterday and could only get sound. Today it started out well, then froze, but the sound kept going. May be my laptop, but the info may be of use. BTW, I mend panties, briefs (read modern girdles,) bras, slips, sheets... Why replace what you can make better than new, especially when the problem is just popped stitching on elastic? I like to save money for treats. Works for me.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the video. I'm with you in that I hate replacing things with a new version of the same thing besides, these fit way better. It's why I made them in the first place. When I was cleaning the stash I found a purple knit that I think will make some fabulous panties as well. I moved it to the lingerie baskets so my next batch will probably be purple with black lace. Fun too.


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