Friday, August 15, 2014

My Back To Ashland Wardrobe

When I opened the envelope for Vogue 1410 last night, there were two pieces - a front and a back. I know this is a designer pattern and I'm thrilled to have access to it since I really like Lyn Mizono's style HOWEVER... at a full price of $35.00 Canadian, I have to wonder. While it's a fabulous piece to entice a beginner sewist, that's not a budget-friendly beginner price and beginners typically don't know anything about sales at the BMV  nor are they members of discount sewing clubs. The pattern and the fabric would be a substantial investment.

The envelope reads - Very loose-fitting, pullover dress has very narrow hem finish on neckline and armholes, front and back pleats, inside button/buttonholes forming drape and three adjustable lengths, French seams, and narrow hem. Purchased cord stopper and elastic cord form front drape.

Contrary to the look of the cover, the pattern is not for a short tunic and a longer dress. Rather, it's the same dress with a buttonhole at the hemline and three buttons on the inside along each side seam allowing the wearer to button the hem up to the level they want. It's definitely VERY loose-fitting. I cut a size 14 at the shoulders and chest merging to a size 18 at the hips which equals 43 1/2" at the bust, 56 1/2" at the waist, and 84" at the hip. Ease is a factor of the dress's style but I'll be intrigued to see when I sew the muslin if I actually need that much hip/waist or whether I could go down to a straight size 14.

The pattern pieces made me giggle. They are curvy like me - very. In the instructions, the bottoms are hemmed separately before sewing French seams at the side equal to a 3/4" seam allowance. I've used that technique before on a skirt and it's great for shaped bottoms.

The layout only calls for a 60" wide fabric. There isn't a 45" wide option. I want something cheerful to wear to the wedding and for my Back To Ashland wardrobe. The fabric above is a fuchsia with black, fairly stable, knit. The stripes are selvage to selvage rather than lengthwise but I don't think that'll be a problem. It's wide enough to cut the other way. I'll debate this and other options while sewing the muslin but whatever I choose will come from stash. I'm saving my pennies for my trip.

With two pieces, this is a simple sew. The pleat and button details and the narrow 3/8" hem at the armholes and neckline are where the work is. Right now - if I use this fabric - I'd bind the neck and armholes and skip the French seams especially with the way the garment folds up and under and make the bottom buttonholes in the seamline instead of beside it. LOL - we'll see what actually happens after the muslin.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - BMV club prices

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  1. Thanks for this post. I bought this pattern and had recommended it to my readers, but I had not actually made the dress and I am now intrigued even more by the way it is constructed. I own one RTW dress from Lynn Mizono and it does become different garments depending on how one uses the unexpected buttons and buttonholes. I was going to make it in a lighter weight woven. Wondering how your knit works out?

    1. It's middle of the afternoon and I'm just getting to the muslin now but it should be a quick check and then I can decide if the knit is suitable and/or if I might need to change sizes for it. I should have more info on Monday.

    2. Thanks Myrna, the knit worked out very well. I just love that color!

    3. Me too. I have quite a few scraps left. I'm wondering if I should try to get another meter of the fabric so I definitely have enough for another garment. My friend is in the town where I bought it this week so I may ask if she has time to go look.

  2. Very interesting! Thanks for explaining this pattern a little better. I look forward to seeing your interpretation:)

    1. Sorry to take so long to reply to this. You're welcome. I'm glad I could explain it. Turned out to be a really fun dress and VERY comfortable.


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