Friday, August 22, 2014

Sweater To Shrug Refashion Part One

Yesterday's trip to Kelowna was pretty specific, not  a day of much meandering.. Sharon found some great swimsuits at the first store we went to, we looked at a few other stores in the mall, went for lunch, and then stopped at the Fabricland there which is still closing out and hasn't moved to its new location yet. A lot of the fabric left was special occasion and higher end like satin, Chinese brocade, and wool coating however, there were still tables of other pieces and...

... what I found particularly interesting was that in a store that's been on sale for months and currently has sale prices at 75% off, where the stock has been whittled down to near to nothing, there were four or five bolts of fabric still left of which I already have some of that fabric, including the knit of my recent dress. Apparently my taste isn't mainstream enough to sell out quickly. That made me laugh.

I forgot to get a picture of me wearing the muslin of the shrug yesterday and it won't be happening this morning until I'm dressed. I'll add it later. When it didn't fit...

... I decided on a sweater to shrug refashion starting with a cardigan that I picked up in Portland on my trip in June. It was already cut apart when I realized that I hadn't taken a picture of it intact. Think basic, black, button up front, crew neckline, ribbing at the hems. Nothing too amazing but a nice stable fabric mix and too big for me which left room for playing.

I started by taking off the shell buttons. These alone were worth the price of the cardigan that had a "blue tag" on blue tag day. I got an extra 50% off the already great sale price.

Before I cut apart the pieces, I used chalk to mark the back of each one and then used interfacing to stabilize the back shoulder seams before serging them back together. I had intended to serge to the outside and forgot when adding the stabilizer. That changed the direction of my thoughts so I...

... next pinned a bunch of tucks across the back and then stitched them 1/8" away from the fold. That's the stage I'm at. The back is fitting nicely so I'll add some tucks to the front next - vertical - and to the sleeve - horizontal because I need all the width - before sewing in the sleeves and deciding on the shape of the hemlines. Today is busy and the wedding is tomorrow afternoon so if I want to wear the shrug with the dress, I'll need to get my act in gear. Luckily is not that complicated. More on Monday.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - finding swimsuits, a fun day

My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me, and what misses me was never meant for me. 
- Imam Al-Shafi'i


  1. Excellent. I'm taking notes. : )

    1. LOL - I'll try not to leave anything out.

  2. Wow - the pinning of the tucks reminded me of bugle beads, so my mind went immediately to embellishing with beads for a little bling. Maybe not shiny bugle beads, but small beads nonetheless. Can't wait to see how you make a refashioned sweater go with that gorgeous dress for the wedding.


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