Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sweater To Shrug Refashion Part Two

Thanks for all the compliments on the Lyn Mizono dress yesterday. Steph's comment about still cameras versus video cameras was quite interesting. I'll aim to get a video of me wearing - and walking in - the dress asap so we can compare.

Here's a detail image of the Burda 7118 shrug muslin. Once again, it is quickly apparent that dolman sleeves and I do not get along. The image above is bad enough and then...

... there's this one. I grabbed the white t-shirt off Millicent since the one I was wearing had sleeves and the result was DEFINITELY. NOT. FLATTERING. I look pregnant and no... won't be wearing that t-shirt ever again... and probably not the black version either - LOL. However...

... on Millicent, who normally wears a black dress, the t-shirt helped to show off the sweater to shrug refashion. It's okay. Nothing fabulous and it didn't play nicely with the dress. It took away from the waist feature and dominated. For a winter version of the dress, I'd add sleeves instead of a cover-up.

BUT... I really like the texture of the tucks and how they wander over the surface. I've always been drawn to visual and especially tactile texture.

With the back hemline, I tried to create a soft wandering edge and was only partially successful.

It looks more like a mistake than anything purposeful. LOVE the idea though. It's something to play with. Next time, I'll either start with yardage or with a sweater that is considerably larger than me. With this refashion, there wasn't a lot of room for adjustments. Good learning.

Meet my new keyboard. Last week, my previous one - which looks identical - started sticking and a bunch of letters would run together every time I typed a letter. Howard insisted it was irreparable. He wanted me to get a new one because the letters were worn off my other one and he always had to bring his own keyboard when he worked on my computer. Kyle prefers a straight keyboard and insisted Microsoft wasn't making this model anymore and that I'd need a "normal" one. Not likely. Apparently this 4000 series, ergonomic keyboard is one of their best sellers. After a week with the teeny, tiny, ridiculous thing that Howard uses, I'm glad to have "my" keyboard back.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a new keyboard

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  1. I love the purple dress. I was looking at the picture of the shrug muslin, and it looks like you need to shape the upper sleeve a little with a dart that has the largest bit in the underarm. That would get rid of the drag lines in the upper arm. It reminds me of the alterations that I have to do for my upper thigh - when you are trying to cover something that is an arc shape, the inner edge has to be shorter than the outer edge. You have probably already addressed it, but I thought I would mention it. Have a great day.

    1. Thanks re: the dress. For the shrug, I think I'd prefer go with a style that has set in sleeves. They and a high armhole are much more flattering on me and I'm no so in love with Dolman sleeves, to do all that work. LOL - but thanks. I'm intrigued about your thigh alteration. Can you send me some pictures?

  2. Too bad about the black shrug's back line looking like a mistake, as its texture is wonderful. I wonder if you could salvage it by adding a print under-layer (?) and extending that wave even deeper on the second fabric to show it wasn't a mistake. Years ago I took a knitting seminar from Sally Melville. Her advice has stuck with me - "Once is a mistake, twice looks like headlights, but three is a creative design element." Hope you don't have to chuck it.

    1. Great quote from Sally. FABULOUS knitter. There are things I could do and I may follow that line up sometime. It fits me but on the tighter side - because of all the tucks and new seams - so I'll it aside and see later. I'm working on my back to Ashland wardrobe today - another Origami skirt.

  3. I like the Mizono dress, too & probably would wear it as styled (as a jumper) in cooler weather. Not sure how it would "take" to jackets or coats.

    I also found Steph's comment re: video very interesting...

    1. When I tried the dress with the shrug, I found the shrug took away considerably from the dress so I'd rather add sleeves to it. I don't think I'd wear a t-shirt underneath because that's not my style but perhaps if it was tone on tone I could. Something to try. I'll definitely sew this again.


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