Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Origami Skirt

My computer is still not functioning well. Quite a few of the files are back but not all of my pictures and - once again - Howard has gone to work so maybe tomorrow. Luckily, I can post pictures of my current project from my laptop.

I took the pictures out front, across the street, which made several of the neighbors who drove by laugh. Laughter is good. One dear sweet neighbor who has Alzheimer's and is in that you wouldn't know for sure if you didn't know stage walked by and wanted to take a picture of Millicent and me. Of course.

The pattern is The Sewing Workshop's Origami Skirt. It has a slight harem pant overtone. I actually had to read the instructions which is a rare occurrence for me and I can say they aren't the greatest and do note the letters however... the skirt is worth persevering through because the piece is quite fun and unique. I had breakfast this morning with another artist - Ben - who is a singer, actor, dancer, song writer, poet, writer, and album producer - and nineteen - and he loved it. I had warned him I was going to wear a weird skirt ! ! ! He was the perfect audience.

Here the skirt is on Millicent. How fun to catch the speed sign in the background. One of the reviews said that the skirt was hard to walk in. It is if the side is not at the side and is somewhat twisted otherwise - if it's on correctly - you can walk "normal". I would be sure to mark the side with a tab inside the waistband next time to make it easier to get dressed.

Here's a detail of the left leg. The wrong side of the fabric is visible so that's an important consideration when deciding what fabric to use. Also, the left side is on the bias and the right side is on the straight of grain. That caused...

... significant stretching along the back waistline plus I raised the waist somewhat. I should probably have run two lines of gathering and not one of easing to get a better finish but I knew this was a wearable muslin, that I wanted it done last night, and that I'd wear a top over so good and enough. Next time, I would staystitch the waistband edges before doing anything else with the pieces. Another reviewer had difficult with the bias along the front edge. I made sure to measure the pattern when placing the zipper and then eased in the rest when sewing center front. It worked there and - luckily - the waist is not visible. All in all - a fun project. I'd sew it again.

Thanks for the feedback on the video. Once the computer is fixed, I have two more of a studio tour right after I did the great clean-up. I'll post them to YouTube so they'll be visible on an IPad and also change the other one.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - great breakfast conversation

Actions that produce confidence and a degree of success will encourage us to attempt new challenges. Nothing intimidates us more than constant exposure to failure. Nothing motivates us more than constant exposure to success. 
- John Maxwell


  1. I so enjoy your blog, loving your use of off-beat designs and patterns and wearing them with abandonment. I need to do more of this and I believe reading your blog is helping me in that direction. Thank you!


    1. Thank you. I'm glad you're feeling nudged in a playful direction. And why not go for it; it's fun to have fun.


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