Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A One Step Forward Two Steps Back Kind Of Dance

Yesterday was busy and last night was knitting so there wasn't a lot of time to work on the vest and the work that I did do was more of a one step forward, two steps back, kind of dance than progress. I want to change a few things and rather than rush the finish, today's posting is about knitting.

The from one wrap to another yarn is now back in balls... again, again, again. Apparently, the sweater that I knit the first time I used this yarn - four options ago - was the best option so I imagine I'll pick a different - less prissy more fun sweater to knit with it next and hopefully that actually will be it's final reincarnation. Right now, I didn't have what it took to re-knit that yarn again, again, again SO... instead...

... I'm working on this wide and narrow scarf using the bamboo yarn from my reclaimed yarn basket. I have two balls left to knit and each one goes a fairly long way so hopefully I'll end up the right size - which I'm copying from my friend Rosemarie's version - which is 19" x 73". Her scarf was done in garter stitch. Mine has a slight lace pattern.

Two of my favourite knitting stitches are ribbing and seed stitch. This sweater from the Vogue Knitting, Fall 2008, edition uses both. LOVE the design. Depending on the size, it takes between eighteen and thirty-four, 55 yard balls of yarn - read expensive - which is partly why I've been putting it off for so long only...

... I found these 95 yard balls of yarn on sale at Webs for $2.99. LOVE their discount section. The yarn is 50% cotton, 45% viscose, and 5% silk which makes for a lovely combination. It's not next but now that I have the yarn, it's on the list.

The Vogue version is white. I thought black would be more practical for my wardrobe although this picture of Beatrix van Ost wearing a similar sweater along with a black skirt very close in style to my favourite Burda 8213 skirt below made me wonder if I've subconsciously picked a style icon - or perhaps we just think along similar wave lengths. I have a feeling I'd love her shoes too.

This morning is busy and then I should have time to work on the vest. I'm aiming to have it done for tomorrow. If all goes well and the dance is more straight forward, it should work out.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - inspiration and sharing

I allow myself to prosper.
- Patricia Bass


  1. I envy your ambition to knit that sweater - both in vast amount of effort and in cost - but with a score like that on yarn, how can you not? Does the viscose content of the yarn keep the cotton from stretching downward from the weight of the sweater? Can't wait to see the finished product paired with that kicky skirt!

    1. The silk would also help keep it from stretching. Even at that price, the cost is up there. It's also entertainment.


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