Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Make Our Own Music

One day in Eugene was definitely not enough with my friend Sheri. She's so bubbly, full of energy, and has so many ideas that we didn't even make it to her studio until five in the afternoon. Next time, I'll stay longer. I've been invited. Apparently I'm not "fish", she wanted to talk me into staying but knew I had commitments in Astoria. How very nice.

One of the things we did was go into the local sewing machine store. I took a picture of this sign to send to Howard along with a note that I'd bought a mid-range Bernina. O.M.Gosh. Good thing I'm not a fan of too many bells and whistles. My little Bernina 1020 is an original trooper, a mechanical machine, and I just LOVE it.

We took this picture of Sheri and I in the morning as I was just about to leave - without washing my hair - since I was driving all day - and that's fine. I love that I don't need to look perfect for my friends. They take me as I am. YES YES - one of the great gifts of friendship... and sharing... and support... and encouragement... and love.

My souvenir for this trip is not a necklace. Imagine. Instead, it's a wind chime made from a silver teapot with forks and spoons hanging from it. It's made in Oregon by a local artist. Howard is not a fan of wind chimes so I'll hang it in my studio by the window where it'll tinkle softly when I move or when the window is open. It spoke to me of the need to move differently, to live fully, to make our own music.

This top was in a shop in Ashland. The lines are incredibly simple and very effective. The use of texture creates flow and movement. There are a lot of simple patterns like this silhouette that can become an excellent playground for design and for...

... learning new techniques. If I buy lots of fabric and if I mess up in the pocket, I can simply try, try again until I get the pocket I want. WHAT a fabulous idea especially as one technique I do not know how to do is this pocket.

I'm writing in the living area of my guest suite at the B & B in Astoria. It's in a very old house with high ceilings and moldings and lots of lovely doors with glass handles. There's a door and a deck out the back which are definitely not original but perfect for enjoying the peek-a-boo view of the harbour. My host has given me a list of thrift and second hand stores and after I'm dressed and mobile, I'm off to explore. I decided to sleep until I woke up - no alarm - and just move slow so it's almost nine o'clock and that's okay too.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - lazy days

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. 
- Confuscious


  1. You may get rain today/tomorrow in Astoria, if the radar is to be believed.....

    Looking forward to hearing more about your work with Diane!! And I love that top. Very cool. Love the wind chime, too.

    My Bernina cost the same as my husband's first car (a little orange Datsun). I was in shock then; the current models make me gasp and wheeze............

    1. It did rain but later in the day after I'd already finished adventuring and was tucked up on the couch knitting.

  2. I just wanted to say that I am so happy to hear you sounding so challenged and excited and happy. Keep it up.

    1. Life ebbs and flows. We can't - and I'm not sure we're meant to - hold on to the highs forever or we wouldn't appreciate the contrast. I'm looking forward to working on the ideas I learned when I'm back in the studio.


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