Monday, September 8, 2014

The Coat-less Lining

Shortly after I signed up for the advanced surface design workshop, Diane sent a supply list which appeared to be much shorter than my pile of supplies indicates which - in turn - more likely indicates that I have - once again - packed more than I need simply because I can. And that's okay. I like having options.

The package above contains two 4' x 12' cotton canvas drop cloths purchased from the paint store for $35.00. That's way less expensive than yardage and I've worked with these before with good results.

The project I have in mind - for the 2-3 yards to paint for a garment supply on the list - is a coat. In May, when I changed my mind about the Gwen Challenge and cut away from the lining the coat I had made and recycled the fabric into a new coat, it left a coat-less lining which is the coat I'm aiming for this time.

On Friday, I ironed fusible knit interfacing to the back of the canvas and cut out the coat pieces used previously. That's the pile on the right. The pile on the left is the scraps from in-between the pieces. They should be great for practicing and for piecing together into another project. The blue spray paint in the previous picture was originally for around the hem of the coat pieces only I decided to wait on that until later. The envelope is of the pattern pieces which were frankenpatterened from several others.

We are also asked to bring some pictures that inspire us. The one above is of a top I bought last fall. The repetitive pattern is less important to me than the subtle color range. With surface design, I seem to prefer a more blended range of colors with less contrast and texture over motif which is why...

... I absolutely love this teal and silver linen coat of Diane's made from Katherine Tilton's Butterick 5891. I sewed the sleeveless top from this pattern recently and would like to make the coat although not in the orange linen I packed. With it, I'd like a similar look to Diane's with pink instead of silver for a pair of pants or a skirt for next summer.

Today is the day. This morning, I'm heading south on the way to my first stop in Lake Oswego, Oregon and then tomorrow morning, I'm having breakfast with Jean - a blog reader - before heading on to Ashland. Today is the longer portion of the trip. Tomorrow will be more meandering since I don't need to be there at any particular time. I'm aiming for mid afternoon.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - Howard received a substantial tip at work on Saturday - in US funds. While I am absolutely confident that I am meant to go on this trip, it's not really in the budget and I am trusting God as to how it will be paid for. Here's one way.

My life is filled with the abundance of God's blessings. 
- Unknown


  1. Have a blast! tell Diane we love her!!

  2. I'm leaving for Ashland this morning! Maybe our paths will cross!

    1. I hope so only I have no idea what you look like so you'll need to watch for me. What fun.


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