Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Knitting Business

Those videos I've been talking about... of me walking... in the origam skirt, the vest, and the Lyn Mizono dress... probably not going to happen before I leave but I am packing them and you never know. I could accost some stranger on the street and ask them to film me - LOL. I thought I'd better own up to that one right away although you can probably tell I'm not quite on schedule since this is Friday's posting on Saturday. Things have been busy. I'm still not completely packed but started. This is good.

There isn't a sewing component to this trip so I'm not talking my machine or my serger or the stool to hold it up or my mannequin or the iron and pressing surface or.... or... or... and yet the bags seem to be piling up. Two are for knitting. One is for my current project and one is for the yarn for what's next. There will be lots of time to knit so I may actually make it past my current project and on to another one. The ball above - less than an 1" - is all that's left of the blue bamboo yarn.

For this shawl-like scarf, I started at the point with five stitches and added one stitch each end on every row until I basically ran out of yarn. The edging is a row of single crochet and then a row of picot edging. It's a nice finish.

My friend's scarf - the one I was sort of copying - is 19" x 73". Mine is 19" high and about ten inches narrower. She used a garter stitch and I used a combination of stockinette and lace. Mine is a wider stitch pattern so I got to nineteen inches quicker and it's not as wide although it did work out well since I wouldn't have had the yarn to go larger.

I haven't tucked all the ends in yet in these pictures but the ones above and below give you an idea of how it can be wrapped around the neck. And of course there are other variations.

Earlier this week, I mentioned that I've been getting messages to rest and to focus on self development and self care. One of the ways that I afford trips and workshops is through our income tax return which is higher if I have a home-based business and qualify for deductions.

Giving that some thought, I've decided to knit scraves and other simple pieces to sell. I like the portability of knitting, that it can be moved around or taken out of the house and I like to knit in the evening and I like that knitting is not sewing. I do not want to sew for a business. SO... I'll be designating a set amount of time each week-day toward "the knitting business" and ensuring that while it is a real, viable, and deduction earning business, it is also not taking over my life.

The scarf I'm working on now starts from the wide end. I cast on 401 stitches and then rapidly decreased fifty stitches from each end and am now decreasing one stitch each end of every row. This time, I am using garter stitch so I should end up with a long and narrow shawl-like scarf more like my friend's. This is an easy knitting project, perfect for taking along on my trip.

I am in love with these shoes. They are my idea of frosting shoes and yet not all that unpractical with my wardrobe. One of the stores downtown carries Fluevogs and I've been in love with that heel ever since I first saw it. A girl can dream - VBG.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - clean house, clean laundry, started packing

The scriptures see work as a sacred space and every sacred act requires both courage and strength. 
Erwin Raphael McManus


  1. That's a great idea - the knitting business. Having your passion as your work can be really complicated, so I think it's great you have found a way to do both. And I loooooove those shoes.

    1. Thanks. I definitely wanted to separate what was to qualify for the deductions and what was for personal development especially over this next year. Simple knitting is fine to sell and we'll see how it goes. The complicated stuff is for me. They're fabulous shoes. I hope to see them in person. Maybe even try them on. LOL - hopefully they don't fit.

  2. Those shoes - so envious we don't get Fluevogs in the uk... smg.x

    1. Yes... but it does save you temptation and money.


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