Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dear Jessica

There was a tremendous amount of road work being done on the highway to Calgary but luckily the weather was fabulous and we were able to enjoy the slower pace while still arriving in time to meet Sage, the wonderful lady who looks after our grandson. This week's postings will most likely be all about our holiday here with Daimon. There is definitely no sewing although I did knit about six inches on the scarf today. I doubt that a daily update on that would be too thrilling.

Yesterday was our first day alone with Daimon and he was delightful. It is like riding a bicycle; it all came back including how to multi-task. It took me a year to figure that out when we had Jessica. For the longest time, I'd just sit and watch her and do nothing else and then eventually I learned that I could fold laundry and watch her or cook and watch her and that worked out much better.

We had a few teary moments due to lack of communication - GRANDMA, listen to me said in baby gurbish - but all in all it was a great day that ended with a bath, a sweet smelling baby, a bottle, a story, and right to sleep. We have him all day again tomorrow and then on Tuesday and Wednesday he'll spend some time at daycare. This is good. Grandpa had a nap when Daimon had a nap.

Dear Jessica... having known me your entire life, I am sure it will come as no shock that it took less than twenty-four hours for my anal organizational genes to kick in especially after hearing your goals around cooking. I have been reorganizing your kitchen. Thankfully, you've asked me to do this for you in the past so I know you won't mind. I would appreciate that should you ever have sister-in-laws could you please tell them not to take it personally. They could always assign me the task since this is me. Hopefully, the reorganization will help you juggle your very busy schedule. You may however wonder...

... why Daimon now thinks the tupperware drawer is a toy box, that the glass pans are going night-night, and that the blue jug is his for drinking out of. A tip about mothering I don't think I've shared before is that you have to say yes to something when you're saying no to most everything. Don't worry. The sink cupboard is tied closed. He did however help me empty the island including climbing right inside to get the bag in the back corner and now thinks we should keep emptying it. This too shall pass and/or we can put latches on the doors if you'd like.

And my dear darling son-in-law, your bottles are now over the fridge and if you are looking for the white cutting board, it's under the oil and vinegars over the stove. That keeps an oily film from spreading across the shelf bottom - a good idea especially with cookbooks nearby.

Miss Chloe has been good but I - as directed - and of course I'm thrilled to do so - am posting a picture of our little darling and his peach. He ate the ENTIRE thing and was upset when the pit went in the garbage. He helped himself to it in the fridge. ate grapes after that, yogurt, and Cheerios, and some of Grandma's dinner too. He's definitely NOT hungry and is looking forward to our walk to Starbucks tomorrow morning.

Talk soon - Myrna/Mom

Grateful - Time with Daimon


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    1. Very fun. We had another great one today.

  2. Your 'Dear Jessica' segment reminds me of something Erma Bombeck might have written. Very entertaining.

    1. Daimon is "guest posting" the next one.


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