Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fiddly And Other Art Forms

The coat hasn't moved forward, not even one stitch. I know what the problem is; it's the patch on the back. It's too bright for me and I want to reverse it to the darker patch with a lighter strip only that will require not only removing the stitching, but reheating the glue and peeling off the patch. It's not impossible, just fiddly, a word I've come to apply...

... to painting this weekend. The metal bed ends are now a solid black. I wanted these for our guest room and found the white/brass/floral ones at the second hand store. They've only sat for a couple months which is good. Getting the spray paint where the spray paint was supposed to be was fiddly but I know for sure that a brush would have been worse because...

... I used a brush on the fireplace... and a rag roller... and a teeny tiny sponge... and a thin detail brush... and it is almost done. There's just some touching up to do and I'm leaving that until the glazed tiles are well and truly dry so I can tape off. Right now, it feels like I fix the tile and get paint on the mantle and then I fix the mantle and get paint on the tile and that scenario...

... totally convinced me that painting - walls, furniture, fireplaces, stuff like that - is not my thing, at least not a long term thing, or a money earning thing. Doing the work for myself is enough and I'm glad to have that skill because it's a lot more expensive hiring someone to turn the below into the above especially when you have to do it twice. I repainted the base color turquoise and then reapplied the black glaze over top and now I like the look.

This is what all the original fireplaces in this complex looked like. I "borrowed" this picture from a recent listing because even though the decor is different, the fireplace is identical to what I had. It's good to have the skills to paint what you want to paint when you want to paint it even if you'd only ever paint for people you really Really REALLY love... like my kids.

While I was spraying the bed frame, I also sprayed the end table bought several months ago. I can't find an original picture so either I've labelled it some weird name or I didn't take one. It just needed some glue to firm up the frame, wood filler for a scratch on top, and a fresh coat of paint. I remember it was really inexpensive - like $5.00 - and it's perfect at the end of our couch upstairs.

AND... I primed the coffee table that I want to cover with buttons. It's in the studio waiting to move forward once I figure out how to support glass above it. I want to talk to the glass store about options first but other than that, I can begin as soon as I want to begin. I find there is more pressure in unfinished projects like...

... the fireplace, the bed ends, the end table, the coffee table, and this "self portrait" above - which has been waiting ten years to be finished - then there is in all of my studio stash. I tend to see the stash as potential and these types of projects as work. Wondering why that is had me thinking about other art forms. I've occasionally wondered if it's better for my primary art form if I have secondary ones that stimulate creative juices in entirely different ways. When I begin one of these other projects, I think YES YES and by the time I finish them I'm in the NO NO camp. Perhaps they are simply breathers to help me appreciate my love of fiber and what I can do with it. Perhaps some things - painting fabric - can ease their way into the mix and become part of the flow and others - painting furniture - are not so destined.

When we are focused on the competition, we are avoiding an action we need to take for ourselves. When we are jealous of another, we are probably avoiding a part of ourselves. We must be gentle with ourselves in these moments. We are avoiding ourselves because we are afraid. We are afraid that, even if we were to give it our all, our all won't be enough, that we're second-rate, that God's will is for us not to be as successful and acclaimed as the person we are fixated on. God's will is for us to be fully, completely, prosperously ourselves. WE are the treasure we are seeking. But until we focus our gaze squarely upon ourselves and redirect all those jealous energies toward our own projects, we will never find the pot of gold. 

The sentences above are from Julia Cameron's book The Prosperous Heart. I was impacted by them in today's reading which I found rather strange since I didn't think I was focused on any competition, jealous of another, or even avoiding a part of myself BUT... when something strikes you, there's always something else to think about... like am I afraid to give it my all, afraid that my all won't be enough. Most likely because I've been there done that and that might be part of what had me thinking about other art forms, a grass is greener kind of thought, and yet once again spending a weekend doing other things has only confirmed that for me that fabric and yarn are it and when we aren't having fun together, it's not the fabric's or the yarn's fault, it's just a blip I need to work through. It's normal.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - Re-Store

Laying aside every sense of burden or false responsibility, losing all fear and uncertainty from my thought, I enter into my kingdom of good today. 
- Ernest Holmes


  1. I love your demilune table. Every time I see an affordable one ($7.50 US or less), I buy it, because every time I move furniture around, it seems like a little half-round table is just what I need to fill a certain space. I even give them to friends as little surprise presents, and no one has ever said "Uh, no thanks." I can't wait to see your button table project!

    1. It does fit nicely into spaces. I've never been given the present of a little table but how fun. Definitely different.


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