Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Finding My Rhythm

It's been a busy day so far. Last night, we put together a large pile of things for Habitat For Humanity's Re-store and this morning, they picked them up and delivered...

... a new-to-me dresser for the studio. I want to move it backward underneath the bookshelves and maximize the space only it'll mean reversing which studio door is open. I'm not sure I'll like that but later, when I can move things around, I'll decide if the dresser is staying there but for now, that'll work. Nine more drawers of storage is perfect IMHO... except.... edited... apparently I can't count. Make that six drawers... but big ones.

Removing the patch was easier than I thought. I took out the stitching and then basically peeled it off. Very little of the glue remained but what did was...

... covered up with the new patch. I'm happier with this patch fabric but not sure that I'm happy with something square on my back. I'll see how it feels when I'm wearing it. This is a VERY easy project and I'm finding it quite stressful that it's taking me so long to finish. Me being me, I wonder why?

When we focus ourselves, we come into who we truly are. When we schedule the time to check our email, we are more efficient and accurate in our replies. Our sense of feeling scattered and overwhelmed dissipates as we control our devices rather than letting them into our lives at all hours. Like the nosy, overbearing person who asks for too much from us, we must set boundaries with our devices, leaving ourselves to our own devices, and letting ourselves be present in our own lives. - Julia Cameron.

Being controlled by my devices is not the issue. Other than the computer, I don't have any devices and I don't feel a need to check the screen the minute I hear that you've got mail sound and even so, the two words that stuck out in the above paragraph were schedule and boundaries. Since bringing Chloe (the dog) home and walking her for an hour every morning, my schedule has been all out of whack. I want to get things worked out and back ion track by Monday and get back to regular posting - on Monday - not tomorrow or Friday. Ideally, by then, the dresser will be in place, the studio functional, the coat finished, and I'm ready to start on another project and I have a sense of rhythm again.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - the ability to regroup

The only way to deal with the future is to function efficiently in the now. 
- Gita Bellin


  1. I really like the new patch on your coat. I made this coat and love it. I don't at all mind the patch on my back. Or the ones on the front, either. I think you're going to like this!

  2. I like the new patch, too. If you think it's too squared off, why not add a splash of paint to the garment that starts somewhere outside the rectangle, traverses the rectangle at whatever angle is comfortable for painting, then breaks the other edge of the rectangle and finishes - wherever. You have such a command of color, that I'm sure you can make it soften the 'sqaure-ish-ness' and still enhance the overall garment. Whatever you do to work out your discomfort with the patch, I'm sure will be just perfect.


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