Monday, October 6, 2014

Hi Mommy & Daddy

Grandma said you phoned last night after I went to bed and that you're having a good time being together and doing things like walking on the beach and that you're eating fondue tonight. Would I like fondue? Is it yummy? Is it like tea? I like sticking my hand in Grandma's tea cup and flicking tea everywhere. She said you might not like that but I'm happy and good enough.

Today, I had eggs for protein and lots and lots of fruit but not as much fruit as yesterday because Grandma said it made an unpleasant appearance - twice. I used my spoon sometimes. I like to stick Cheerios in my yogurt and then put them in my mouth. Mostly I use my hand. It's sticky.

Grandma took all of these pictures of me. Forty-five she said just to get a few good ones. I wanted to climb up and help her but she wouldn't pick me up even though I said...

... please and thank you over and over and over again. It doesn't always work. What's up with that? I'm not allowed Chloe's bone either BUT....

... Grandma lets me drip milk from my bottle on the floor and then she lets me wipe it up with the rag. I'm a big boy. I'm helping. I like cleaning up. Grandma says this is good training and make it fun.

Maybe if I take the camera case she'll let me take a picture. No. How come I'm a big boy when I clean up but not big boy enough to have the camera? Grandma let me push the button and take selfies. She said we can't post those cause she looks like she forgot to put her make-up on but not really... she did... put her make-up on... cause she thinks if you have your make-up on and know what's for dinner that's most of the battle. Really?

We went outside to sit in the sunshine. I walked on the grass with my bare feet. I'm not supposed to tell you that OR that I slept in until 7:22 cause the note says NO LATER than 7:00. Oops. Miss Chloe was doing her sniff and squat routine just as I was getting ready to sit on the step and have my picture taken only she saw a jack rabbit and went running off. Grandma ran after her carrying me and then she ran back to give me to Grandpa only he ran after Chloe instead but she was gone, gone far away. We waited inside while Grandpa went to look for her and a nice lady name Heidi phoned and said Chloe walked right into her house and invited herself for lunch. Her little boy is three and he likes hotdogs and KD like me. Imagine. He gave some to Chloe. Grandma says...

... Chloe is grounded forever and ever and ever amen and is absolutely not going anywhere without her leash. Poor Chloe. On the other hand, I am....

... a little whirlwind. After breakfast this morning, we went to Starbucks again. It's a long walk but I like my stroller and I really like cinnamon brioche from Grandma and steamed vanilla milk from Grandpa. When we got back, I helped Grandma clean the fridge. I told her I didn't know if you wanted her to clean the fridge but she said it would be okay. After that, we played and read and I climbed in the bathtub and got wet from the water that was still there and I had a two hour nap - and so did Grandpa - and then we walked to the grocery store for more strawberries and raspberries and a pear but not peaches. They didn't have any. Why not? I wanted peaches. I had peach yogurt instead... for my early dinner... because Grandma and Grandpa are wearing me out... and I was hungry. I went to bed early too. I was so tired.

LOVE YOU - Daimon

Grateful - for Grandma and Grandpa who love me LOTS and LOTS and LOTS


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    1. Yes he is... says the totally biased grandmother.

  2. Myrna, that is just about the sweetest thing I've read in a long time. You have a gift with words (among other things)! I'm still smiling.

  3. I think this little post reveals more than you might realize. I have been reading your blog for some time and I am always impressed with your writing style and creativity. (where did you learn your writing skills?) Anyway, my point is that your greatest creative skill might not involved with fabric and yarn. Creative writing might be another direction to consider. Your grandson is absolutely adorable, your are truly blessed. Have a great week and try not to wear him out too much:)

    1. I appreciate your comments about my writing skills. I love to write but haven't taken any formal training. I read extensively and I imagine that helps but basically I've learned to write by writing. Everything I've had published was how-to and nothing along the creative line. Something to consider I guess. Right now, writing the blog is very fun.

  4. I didn't get to comment when I first read this, but I thought it was the cutest post!!! I think you should print it out with larger photos and Daimon can have his own little story about Grandma and Grandpa's visit:)


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