Monday, October 27, 2014

Mine Are Emotionally Old

This sewing drought has been the longest I can remember - ever - almost two months. I was wondering why and what to do about it since I breath in fabric and the lack of consistent "air" has been making me somewhat cranky when it occurred to me that it was more in my best interest to stop wondering and to do something, an often truth.

This week, I'm testing out a not exactly new, more like slightly altered, routine starting with setting the alarm Monday to Friday. When I sleep in the day just never seems to go right. First thing will be blogging and then instead of running on the treadmill in my pajamas, I'll put on some exercise clothes and take Miss Chloe for a walk before getting pretty. It means dressing twice - first in exercise gear and then shower and "real" clothes - but this should get me back to an early posting and regular exercise while still allowing me to dress the way I want. I'm willing to put a hat over my bed head and walk in exercise gear but I'm not willing to wear that all day.

Speaking of clothes... mine are emotionally old. They're not worn out; I'm just sick of wearing them possibly because I maintain a small wardrobe although it doesn't really matter why. It just is and, with a few exceptions, I'd love to scoop the whole pile up and give it away.... which isn't possible... but it does give me the push to sew an entirely new wardrobe... which I's flat folded in the stash closet waiting.

Another thing that I'm emotionally tired of is my furniture. Most of it is somewhere between twenty-six and thirty five years old and - IMHO - it is beyond time for new shapes, colors, and structures. One chair was torn and needed recovering. It was probably the oldest piece of furniture we had, an antique, a wedding gift. We decided to donate it since recovering it would be more expensive than purchasing a new one. Until we find what we want - and hopefully can afford - I brought some wicker chairs in from the porch. I'm enjoying turning them toward the view.

Over the last couple months, I've been doing a lot of knitting. The green is a sweater I'm designing by incorporating new stitch patterns into an existing outline. The pink is a newborn size of the famous Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. A friend wants to learn how to read a pattern so we're going to knit the jacket together. I'm making one ahead of time so she can see what we're doing and compare it to the written pattern.

I thought the new dresser was going to go under the bookshelves but I like it better under the desk. It replaces the filing cabinet and the two microwave stands that held up the counter-top and housed the printer and computer tower. The tower is on the floor at the far end of the dresser, the printer and office supplies are now in the top right drawer, and my sewing patterns moved from the filing cabinet to the middle and bottom right drawers. The top left drawer holds knitting supplies and the bottom two are empty for now.

Along with doing something in terms of developing a not entirely new and somewhat altered routine, I plan to do something in the studio - anything - just get started and see where it leads. Enough talk. It's time for action. Even though it's unusual for me, I put the coat aside because for some reason it was bogging me down. Instead, I've started on a pair Marcy's Vogue 9035 pants. Once again...

... the fashion fabric was less expensive than muslin fabric so I'm working with the real deal. My pleats above did not look at all like Marcy's pleats below...

... so I needed to go back to the instructions and try again although I'd swear I followed them exactly and quite possibly I did since the markings on my pattern piece look NOTHING at all like the markings in this tutorial of Marcy's. Using it, I did...

... manage to figure out the pleating pattern and now just need to stitch the folds in place and carry on. After getting dressed and going to journal, my plan is to do errands and appointments in the morning and studio work in the afternoon. After five years of roller coaster emotions, I'm starting to get used to not earning income or thinking all the time about how to earn income and settling into taking care of the home. It's a switch. I'm about 95-5% settled. There's that small part that still feels somewhat guilty and needs to "get a job" since I'm highly work oriented but right now, with Howard's health the way it is, this is my best role. Since I'm also goal oriented, I'm starting a new adventure today - regular coaching classes with Diane Ericson. I've never worked one-on-one with a coach for an extended period of time and I'm really excited to see where this goes and how it impacts my work. YES YES

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - just do it

I am not concerned about what happened yesterday. I know that today everything is made new.
- Ernest Holmes


  1. Motion is good. I love the Baby Surprise Jacket. Have you made it before? It's such a wonderful puzzle. EZ is my hero. I am going through a knitting phase as well - mostly due to being away from my sewing machine. I'm looking forward to getting back to some semblance of a routine too.

    1. LOL - yes... when I talked to my doctor recently he said in all his years of doctoring that it comes down to four words - eat less, move more.

      I have made the jacket before and even so, I'm still trying to figure it all out while I knit. It is a puzzle. I wonder if being in a knitting phase has to do with the seasons as well. I'm enjoying the meditative aspect of knitting. It seems to be calling me louder than fabric right now.

      YES YES - I work best with a routine.

  2. As I sit here looking at my computer I notice a small printed sign on the lower left corner that has been there for a few years.
    Be patient with all that is in your heart.
    Learn to love the questions.
    The questions are what we live.
    Living in them are the answers.

    You are doing a great job of loving your questions, Myrna. I applaud you willingness to explore new avenues and examine your current path. Keep up the good work. And don't forget to be KIND to yourself.

    1. Thanks Elaine. For the quote and for not saying I over-think everything. There has certainly been a lot to think about in my life this past year, finding ways forward. I am - and I will remember - being kind to myself. Holidays are a part. I'll see you in May - VBG.


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