Thursday, October 2, 2014

MUCH Closer To Where I'm Going

My friend Wendy has been coming to sew most Wednesday nights for the past twelve years. We've known each other for thirty-four years but even so, it's tough to tell someone you just don't want to do that anymore. I phoned her yesterday and said I have a great idea that I hope you'll think is a great idea. You need to learn to knit. She replied right away, how about crochet? Apparently she'd already bought a hook and some yarn wanting to learn. YES YES

We started meeting on Wednesday nights when she needed to get out of the house and develop a hobby. Now I need to get out of the house so we're going to meet Monday evenings at Starbucks along with another friend. The two of them will learn to crochet and I - with my modest, basic skills - will teach them and hope they surpass me quickly. While they crochet, I'll knit. I'm so pleased it worked out. I would have hated to hurt my friend's feelings.

Let me just get the whining and grumpiness out of the way first. Every time I open the black paint, it bugs me like crazy that while this jar is brand new to me, it's obviously old and turning to sludge already. I've been able to work with it but when I can't - or when it runs out - I'll need to find a different source that turns over the stock quicker so I don't end up with this problem again. Ideally, I'd love to buy wholesale but I'm not sure there even is a Jacquard wholesaler in Canada. Sigh... at the very least I'd like to buy fresh.

Rosemarie and I discussed several of my pieces yesterday. While she liked the green swirls on this one, she thought the purple was too blotchy and that the colors needed to be closer together so I spray painted over it with grey and that did tone down the purple but it didn't make it much interesting, just duller.

What I want is something more free form with flowing lines and energy and light. Last night, I pulled up one of Gayles' pieces on my screen and faced it toward the paint table for inspiration. It helped a lot. This is...

... a detail of the piece as it was last night. I still want to do a bit more work but this is MUCH closer to where I'm going and along the lines of the way I want the coat to look only...

... when I spray painted the pieces yesterday, they came out much lighter than I had anticipated and I didn't want to go too thick with the paint and end up with plastic fabric. The color is...

... blue plus green plus grey. It's very soft and cloud-like and should be a good base to work up from. I don't plan to start painting the coat pieces until I'm getting more consistent results only that's likely to be at some point in the future where it's too cold to spray paint outside so they are ready and waiting now and that's good.

I also spray painted all the scraps so I can practice painting ideas on them before I work on the coat pieces. This seemed like a VERY good idea.

This morning, I'm having an early breakfast with my son before he goes to work and then journal writing followed by laundry and packing to leave for Calgary in the morning. A friend is coming for coffee this afternoon so... it'll be a good and busy day. There should be a posting tomorrow if I get it written in-between things since we're leaving in the morning. Next week depends on how grandparenting solo goes.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - progress with painting

Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes, the subconscious identically creates. 
- Brian Adams


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    1. Thanks. I have some ideas for when I get back home that I can't wait to explore. Felt like a big step forward last Thursday.


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