Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Very Own Painted Fabric

Both of my goals for yesterday were accomplished. I put three coats of white on the fireplace mantle and splashes of lime and turquoise over the primer on the tiles. Today, I'll cover those with black and plastic and create a marbled look. I'm excited to see how both it and... coat turn out. I started choosing the patches by pinning the darker ones around the hem and the lighter ones along center front and then I played with which fabric should go where for the rest of the patches. Above, the lighter one is on the left shoulder and the right pocket. I think it's too bright and too blotchy. I decided to have the light ones up center front and the dark ones everywhere else.

At first, the back patch looked too big, most likely because I narrowed the back shoulder width by 1 1/2". When I cut that same amount off the patch, it looked more proportional. The strip of the darker print seems to break up the lighter expanse and add a point of interest. I'm debating stenciling letters. I'll see after the collar is on.

To attach the patches, I used a short, narrow zigzag. I wanted a dark color but not black. The olive I used for the first stitch sample was exactly right so I went with that.

All of the hemline patches are centered over the darts except for the two closest to center front. If I'd centered them, they would have overlapped the patch next to them so I drew a chalk line 5/8" from the edge and placed that over the dart making sure the two center patches matched side to side.

A 2" band is sewn to each side of center front and the button patches are sewn to the band. I have enough of the lighter painted fabric to cut out the under band - the one with the buttons - which might nicely compliment the over band with the buttonholes. I'll play with that idea once I'm further along. It's tickling for now, as is an idea for the collar. So far, I'm really pleased with how the coat is turning out and I'm especially thrilled to be using my very own painted fabric. YES YES ! ! !

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - "perfect" patches

I believe that God never wastes our time no matter how slow we think he is going. If we are waiting, we can assume God is working on the other players in our situation. Always. 
- Suzanne 


  1. Woo hoo! That's awesome.

  2. Lovely as usual!!! I need to visit your studio and hang out with you! :)

  3. What a fun coat! Can't wait to see it completed.

  4. Your coat is looking great! So chic! You are going to look mahh-velous in it!!

  5. You're finding your stride it seems. Yay!

  6. So good to see you painting fabric and using it in a grown-up garment. I love these fabrics together and just know the coat is going to turn out great!


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