Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pizza Is Yummy

We slept in again. This time until 7:24 - most likely because Daimon was up in the night. He just wanted to be changed and rocked back to sleep but it took me a while to figure that out but once I did, I enjoyed snuggling a wrapped up baby.

When my kids were little, cribs had adjustable sides which made it easier to take the baby in and out. Now, they don't. The sides are high and the mattress is low and apparently this is safer. Really? How can dropping the poor child the last three feet be safer for the child or how can leaning over the edge and darn near falling in yourself be good for (grand) parental backs. Personally, I don't get it BUT... the snuggly blanket did make it easier to lower him this time and thankfully, he kept right on sleeping.

It's Howard's birthday on Friday and he wanted to shop for his present here in Calgary - at a store just down the road from the best Value Village I've ever been at. It was big and roomy and clean and had lots of stock. The purse above is brand new. It's a David Jones and a similar one on the Hudson's Bay site is $298.00 which is similar to the price of another near match on the David Jones site. I couldn't find this exact purse BUT... I bought it for $29.98 and I think that was a really good deal. It's that fabulous shade of fuchsia/magenta that I love so much with an orange interior.

The saucers that I bought for mixing paints on have the indent for tea-cups. They're white which is good for colors but that indent makes it hard to use all the pant. These white plates are similar in size, have no ident, and were six for $2.99.

I tried on five or six sweaters and only liked the quality, color, and feel of this one... which is too small... and that's okay... because it's only slightly too small and I intend to do something about my fluffing up when I get home including walking the dog. She loves to get out right now but we'll see what she thinks - and what I think - when it's snowy and cold.

The restaurant we had lunch at was near Michaels. I went in looking for a basket and came out with some beads. The "red label" strings were 50% off. The "pink" ones are the same color as the purse. The others are silver and turquoise. I wanted them to go with...

... this pendant. The string that currently supports it are wearing out and I want to make a new chain with beads. While I was deciding on those silver circles I had a fabulous conversation with a young jewelry designer named Jorge and while I was waiting in line to pay, I talked to a young lady in her fourth year of art and design. She's going to be a large scale sculpture artist and already has a position pending. So fun. The line - not so fun. I have never been in a Michaels when there were eleven people in line before. Good for crafts; not so great for waiting.

Daimon thought my new bag was interesting but only from the perspective of dragging it across the room and filling it up with his toys. He didn't seem as excited about the color or the perfect pockets as I was. He did try chewing on the strap but - luckily - it's "yucky"...  but not pizza... pizza is yummy.

Tomorrow, Daimon is going to daycare again. He enjoyed playing with his friends and I enjoyed the way his eyes lite up and how excited he was to see me when I picked him up. Howard and I plan to come back to the house and then walk to Starbucks and back, do a few errands, pick up our mess and get organized for when Jessica and Kyle get home on Thursday, and generally have a quiet day.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - recognition, joy, and eyes that light up


  1. Love reading about your time with your cute grandson. Those precious first years go by so quickly. Great haul at VV's! If you choose to remodel that sweater now, I never tire of seeing creative ideas for making clothing larger.

    1. It was such a great VV that I went back today. I'll post those finds asap. I have a sweater at home that is too small that I may refashion soon. I haven't spent as much time making things bigger as smaller. it's harder but a fun challenge - - - Yes... the time sure flies. I can remember my daughter at this age and I - almost - wish I could go back and do it again with the wisdom I have now but that's not how it works.


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