Friday, October 3, 2014

Step Away From The Paint

We're off bright and early this morning - aiming to get to our daughter's in time to visit our grandson's daycare. When Jessica asked me to come stay while they went on holiday, I asked her to please not cancel daycare. I was pretty sure that after a few 24-7 days of grand-parenting we'd need to crash on the couch and stop being hyper-vigilant.  This is a toddler. Into everything. It's been a LONG time.

After I clarified the business deductions with her - and discovered I was wrong - and decided to create the Business Box - my friend asked why not just knit for you? - which made me think. While designing patterns is knitting for me because I'm exploring the potential of an idea, it's a different kind of knitting from following a pattern you admire and want to wear yourself. Right now, I have yarn for three projects that were on hold while I followed potential. In the end, I decided she was right. Why not knit for me? This business mix-up seems, once again, a sign to focus on self-care.

I packed the scarf you saw earlier this week AND the yarn just above for the Vogue sweater along with the swatch sized needles as well as needles one size bigger and one size smaller in case the swatching wasn't accurate, which it sometimes isn't once you make a bigger piece. This is a nice yarn to knit with, 100% wool, and not outrageously priced. A good combo.

I'm looking forward to Grandma time with Daimon and after that I'm looking forward to getting back to work in the studio. Along with some garment ideas to work on, I have new paints to play with. These are from Walmart for $4.97 each. The same brand from the paint store was $12.99. That's a HUGE difference when you're using several cans on one piece. Once again, it pays to look around especially since I've discovered I like working with spray paints.

It's a fair weather paint. I won't be spraying inside especially because it seems I'm somewhat messy. I've been washing paint drips off the floor all week and finally bought a 2' x 6' runner that should solve that problem. It's much less expensive than ruining the floor. Taking a break from the painting is probably a good idea. I've become addicted to adding just a little bit more of this and that to the piece and you definitely can "over-edit". Eventually you ( I ) need to step away from the paint.

Naturally, I'm taking Daimon a present. My daughter said no clothes, no toys, and no food. And, what exactly does that leave? Books. YEAH - I love books. I bought him a new one for each night we're there - and a few extras because I just couldn't decide and besides what if he already has one of these book. They are all together with the toy he forgot last time he visited, our Grandma and Grandpa mugs, and the hat my friend knit for him in a basket that is a gift for Miss Chloe who is...

... moving to our house. Ever since Daimon was born, she's been getting increasingly jealous and lately quite vindictive in terms of chewing up his toys and getting into things she's not supposed to - like climbing on the piano to chew up that expensive programmed car key. The vet says it'll only get worse and it's good that they have a new home for her. Our daughter and son-in-law wanted to make sure she went to a good home where she'd get spoiled and apparently she loves me and wants to live here.  I had only intended to get a dog when I was very Very VERY old - as in too old to travel and I'm definitely not there yet - so we'll see where this goes. I have a feeling I'll be spoiling her rotten in no time.

Whenever I mention to someone that Miss Chloe is moving in, they reply with something along the lines of at least that'll get you out walking which - when it happens so frequently - does make you wonder if it's looking like you need to get out walking. I have fluffed up a little in the last few months but really, I didn't think it was THAT much. Sigh... we'll see what happens when she arrives. She'll definitely need to be walked but she's also a bit of a drama queen and doesn't like to mess up her curly locks with a coat and boots.... which she'll have to wear if we're going to walk in winter. it's COLD. Perhaps a rhinestone studded coat would work for her or - LOL - I could knit her a sweater. Not likely.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - baby snuggles tonight

It's all too easy as an artist to allow the shape of our career ( substitute life ) to be dictated to us by others. We can so easily wait to be chosen. Such passivity invites despair. To remain healthy and vital, artists ( people ) must stay proactive in their own behalf. As an artist ( person) , I must be alert to keeping myself in effective training. Like a creative triathlete, I must take care to be well-rounded. I must take stock of my talents and take the time and care to try to use them fully. 
- Julia Cameron


  1. What fun you're going to have - and especially since you were smart enough to insist on keeping the day care. I had to laugh out loud at the "fluffed up" description, and I'm afraid I have to apply it to myself. At least it sounds more manageable than having to say the actual amount of additional pounds. And why not knit a sweater for Miss Chloe? You can even design one that goes on easily and doesn't require those pesky holes for the front feet to go through but still stays on. Put me on the waiting list for that pattern - and please scale it for both my 3-pound and 30-pound dogs! ;) Have a wonderful week.

    1. We survived the first night and had a delightful day with him today. We'll have him all day tomorrow again and then take him to daycare on Tuesday and Wednesday and then have him again on Thursday. This is good. Yes... fluffed up is my polite phrase for I've gained way too much weight. Walking Chloe will help. She'll have to wait for a sweater but I did have an idea based on our description. I'll give it more thought.

  2. Keeping day care, such a good idea. I've been known to sleep ten hours after caring for two grandsons for half a day. I'm in awe when I read someone was raised by their grandparents. How did those grandparents do it? And thanks for the tip on Walmart.

    1. A close friend is raising her two grandsons and I'm in total awe of her. She says it's easier this time around because they have more money, know to take time for themselves, and have daycare. YES YES.


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