Friday, October 17, 2014

The Fireplace Glitch

Adding an hour of dog walking a day seems to be playing havoc with my schedule. I'm not getting as much done as I'd like however we've only had Miss Chloe a week so hopefully I'll figure things out soon. I imagine - just possibly - that sleeping in, catching up on errands, and a few appointments are also contributing factors.

Above is as far as I got on the coat yesterday - playing with adding secondary patches to the large back patch. It's too big as it is and looks like a square bullseye. I think this arrangement has potential.

Mostly, I worked on the fireplace... which hit a glitch... and may or may not be finished... but definitely needs some final touch ups. It's amazing that no matter how well you tape off or how careful you are, paint always ends up where paint is not supposed to be.. or maybe that's just me.

My intention was to add black over the turquoise and lime splotches only when I sampled it with the oil base, it still looked splotchy. I ended up changing to acrylics so I could mix the black with a glaze. First I added...

... a layer of a blue over top to even out the colors only - as you can see on the hearth - I ran out and when I went to the store to get more they no longer had this color. It was an acrylic decor paint. I bought another one that should have been similar but it was actually quite a bit brighter and thinner. The one I had was quite old and that changes the color somewhat and the texture definitely. I tried mixing the new blue with a bit of black and that didn't work either. In the end, I decided that it would probably be okay because one was vertical and one was horizontal. NOT. The difference in color is bugging me and I'm not even sure I like the color. It's such a change from the blush pink that was there. I'm giving myself a bit of time to think about it.

The top photo is the vertical tiles around the fireplace and the bottom photo is the horizontal tiles on the hearth. I hoped when I added the black glaze that they'd blend better but they are obviously different so...

... I'm debating another coat of black over the brighter tiles and if that doesn't work, re-priming and starting over OR painting the tiles black OR another coat of a lighter color and then another coat of glaze. Either way, you can see some white splotches on the floor where the tape peeled off the paint and it needs fixing. I should have removed the tape while the primer was still wet and then reapplied it for the next layer.

The primer is Benjamin Moore's Stix. It's designed for difficult surfaces. The paint I'd intended to use is called Advance and it's fabulous for tiles and countertops. My friend used it on her kitchen tiles, even around the stove, and it's held up great with heat and steam and another person I know of used it on their countertop and even with cutting... which I definitely do not do on my countertop... it's held up great. Depending how I feel later today, we'll see what happens. Either way, I definitely prefer the silver trim to the brass.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - the ability to try and try again until I get it to a way I like it

It can be said that our talents are gifts from God and our use of our talents is our gift back to God. 
- Julia Cameron

When I read this quote, I thought about my grandson and how delightful it is to see him growing and learning new things. No matter how small his accomplishment may be, I am thrilled and I smile, clap, and praise him as much as I can. I take delight in his accomplishments.God sees me as I see my grandson. He smiles and claps and is delighted with my accomplishments no matter how small they may seem to me.

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