Thursday, October 9, 2014

There's Lots Of Play Room On Those Panels

It's noon and Howard has gone to the airport to pick up our daughter and son-in-law. Daimon is asleep and shouldn't wake up until they're back home. That way, they can go in and get him up while we make ourselves scarce to aid in the transition and to give them some family time.

We plan to walk to Starbucks... again... I think. Howard may have had enough walking for today. This morning, I detoured off the path to check out houses in the neighbourhood and it took us the long... Long... LONG way around... as in kilometers out of our way. I'm sure Howard thought I was completely lost at several points but we did end up exactly where we wanted to be and it kept Daimon occupied.

Yesterday, I went back to Value Village. As I said, it's the best one I've been too. Overnight, a new pair of shoes had been put on the rack. Clarks. Barely worn. $11.99. This is a HUGE find for me from two perspectives. One, they are fabulous shoes, more expensive than I'd normally buy and two, at least three or four times in the past I've found Clarks in a thrift store for my friend Caroline but not for myself. This time, it's my turn. YEAH.

Besides purses and shoes, I was looking for things to practice my fledgling painting skills on. This white sweater is too big, 100% cotton, and has easy to unstitch side seams so I can lay it flat and paint on it. I like that idea but first...

... I'll practice some more. There are eight yellow napkins. I thought they'd be fun to paint with similar colors and then cut up in pieces and put back together in some format to create a garment. I'm not sure what kind of garment yet but the idea is tickling. Below the napkins is a pink with orange hued, 100% cotton, tabbed curtain from Ikea and below that a pink-ish brown, heavy weave, curtain. Both are enough to make a pair of pants although I'm not sure that's what they'll become. What I know for sure is that there's lots of play room on those panels.

We're leaving for home bright and early in the morning. We plan to stop and visit my friend Francine along the way and should arrive home early to mid afternoon... which is great. We'll have a bit of time together with our boys and tomorrow Howard is leaving on business and I'l have a week to do some errands around the house and play in the studio. Perhaps I'll get some painting done over the weekend to post next week. Or next week. BUT definitely I'm going to sew a garment. The last time I actually used my sewing machine was before the 8th of September when I left for Oregon. We are missing each other - VBG.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a surprisingly easy - and delightful - week looking after Daimon

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