Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Smuggler's Dress

Yesterday was the perfect stay-at-home day only I didn't... stay-at-home that is. In the morning, I went to Starbucks to journal and probably shouldn't have. The roads were a nightmare. It was tricky driving. Thankfully, I made it safely there and back and after that, I stayed home.

Once I'd finished the day's painting chores, I - finally - opened the package that arrived yesterday. I knew as soon as I did that I'd want to sew so I made myself wait. When I was in Ashland in September, I had dinner with Susan, the owner of The Smuggler's Daughter and enjoyed hearing how her business came about. She literally has her own fabric shop. Imagine.

A couple of weeks ago, Susan asked if I'd be willing to sew a garment using some of her fabric and share it on the blog. YES YES YES YES YES... The fabric arrived in record time especially considering our slow as a turtle Canadian mail system. It was wrapped in pattern tissue and tied with a bow. So pretty and like a present inside a present.

I chose Sunny Day in Seattle. The fabric is a 58" wide rayon polyester blend novelty knit with slits revealing black behind it.  It is more blue grey like the picture below than the one above. Aren't the slits fabulous?

Here I'm modeling it to see what I think. When I chose the fabric, I had Lynn Mizono's Vogue 1410 in mind. After sewing a purple version in August, I've been wanting another with sleeves for winter. Susan's offer was the perfect opportunity to do that since this pattern is a quick and easy dress to sew and I wanted to get it on the blog before all of the fabric sold out. Which is very yummy. And totally a must have. .

GREAT TIMING -. through to Sunday the 30th, The Smuggler's Daughter is having a 20% off sale. All you have to do is pick your fabric, click on the links, and enter the discount code - notwalmart. The piece I received is definitely not what I think of as WalMart fabric. It has a quality feel with soft drape and a lovely hand and is not quite - but almost-  tissue-like. The slits are fairly see-through. I'll need a slip.

My Smuggler's Dress will be slightly different than the previous purple version. Besides adding sleeves, I'm piecing it together with a black fabric that is the same - only black - as the purple used previously. To start, I've created a seam 4 3/4" from center front. I'll show you why in tomorrow's posting. .

I'm sewing and I'm packing. I'm doing whatever I can to keep myself busy while attempting to wait patiently for Howard's next doctor's appointment and - hopefully - some answers as to what our future will look like so that we can start making the decisions that need to be made however... waiting patiently when is not my forte especially when the answers will have such huge impact. The kitchen distracted me this week. On Sunday, I'm off on a ten day road trip to visit several  friends and spend time sewing in their studios.

I rarely travel any distance at this time of year since winter driving can be as treacherous as it is beautiful. I had a horrendous trip about ten years ago that completely turned me off driving in winter for longest time. The "bad weather" section of this trip will be short as I'm heading more south. Hopefully all this snow will have found a resting place off the road by the time I leave. That's the forecast.

Isn't this tree just outside my studio just beautiful with its garment of white? I took this picture early yesterday morning. By the end of the day, it had an even thicker coat.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - an invitation to sew with The Smuggler's Daughter fabric.

Sewing Truths: Fabric is so addictive that it should be a controlled substance. 


  1. Wow! It isn't often you and I have the same kind of extreme weather ...on complete opposite sides of the continent. The snow photo could have been taken at my house today! Your trip sounds good. Many prayers being sent your way for some real answers.

    1. At least it's pretty - the weather. My trip sounds divine. I can hardly wait to go. Thanks for your prayers.

  2. That dress looks complicated to make but I guess it isn't. I hope you and your husband get positive results. The waiting is awful. Take care on your road trip. We have a snowstorm here in Edmonton today and no let up until tomorrow.v

    1. This is actually a very simple pattern. I'd encourage you to try it if you like it. There are only two pieces to the original. I'm mixing it up a bit. I'm not sure there is a "positive result" for Howard in terms of a cure or healing. The current belief is that this pain and other symptoms may be his life - and therefore mine. It's more likely that they'll label it in some way and then we'll be able to figure out how to go forward. I will take care driving. So strange for me to go in winter but I am looking forward to it.

  3. Can't wait to see how this dress turns out!

    Drive carefully, Myrna! And watch out for the idiots - they're worse than the road conditions.

    1. I'm planning to finish it before I go - if not tonight, tomorrow - so I can post the results. Looking fabulous so far. I agree - the idiots are worse than the road conditions.


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