Monday, November 10, 2014

Ring Tossing The Oops Fabric

The studio is covered with paint supplies again. Although it's messier, it's also easier to paint in here than in the laundry room. I'm not sure why, probably something to do with the light.

I started with a canvas drop cloth from the paint store and cut it into pieces backed with fusible knit interfacing. From there, I built up several layers of bolder colors. It seems my preference is bright and bold underneath with darker layers on top only it goes something like this...

Too light
Add dark
Too dark
Add bright
Too tacky
Add dark
Too dark
Add light
Too light
And so it goes...

I started referring to it as the oops fabric with the way it kept changing but really - even though I used a LOT of paint - I also learned a lot in the process. I told myself that in the future, I'd start with those big bold graphic elements first and build up from there... but I didn't. The next project started with faint spray paint and all over blue/green. Hmm...

The Oops fabric is for a bag - The Jag Bag - referencing my daughter's birth initials. She brought the bag with her the last time she visited and it's totally shot, frayed, cracking here and there and everywhere, but is the bag that she just LOVES and she couldn't find anything like it and couldn't give it up its perfectness. I ran interference and refused to let her go home with it. Someone had to help her break her addiction - LOL - and besides, I wanted to keep it and see if I could copy the VERY simple pattern.

I'm starting with a version for myself using my hand painted fabric. This is so I can practice painting, practice sewing with my painted fabric, and practice the bag pattern. I cut the main pieces to size before starting to paint them. Next time, I'll cut them bigger so there's a bit of fray room at the edges.

Here's one of the oops it's too bright and chunky looking stages. I added more layers and then...

... decided to try ring tossing. I had Howard take a - very amateur - video of the process which - thankfully - has convinced me to stay the path of exercise and wise eating choices BUT... it does show the process and how fun it is and a little bit more.

Next time, I'd put the ring marks closer to the bottom layer. They are quite bold and I wanted a more subtle finished piece.

I emailed Diane to ask if there was a glaze that she recommended for over top and she suggested spraying with a fabric protectant because she hadn't found anything that could be painted on that worked so... naturally... I totally ignored the advice I'd asked for and painted on some of the black plus glaze that was left from marbling the front of my fireplace and then placed a layer of bubble wrap over top to see if it would make some interesting marks. It didn't so....

... I tried a layer of plastic wrap and that didn't really make any difference either.

Here's the bubble wrap version. You can just see the honeycomb circles but only from an angle when the light is just right. The plastic wrap lines are equally obscure. I deliberately chose the bottom of the bag for this experiment hoping the glaze and thicker acrylic paint would give it some durability. If not, I'll paint it again.

I still need to paint the fabric for the straps only the rest of the bag is on hold until some buckles and snaps arrive in the mail. There was one type of buckle at Fabricland. It was too big, too silver, I needed four and there were only three, and there were no snaps to match. I mail-ordered what I needed and hopefully it won't take too long.

In the mean time, since the painting mess was out, I worked on the pieces for my coat which were cut out, backed with interfacing, and had a light layer of spray paint on them already. Ready to go.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - growing confidence with paint

What finally convinced me to go ahead was simply that I was so unhappy not going ahead. I was developing symptoms. As soon as I sat down and began, I was okay. 
- Steven Pressfield, The War of Art


  1. What a fun video! It's great at showing the technique and result, Howie has a VERY steady hand and Chloe's entrance into the frame and jump up onto the chair could not have been more perfectly timed! Fun all around.

    Very interesting to see all the photos of various steps in the painting process, gives one more of a feel for what's involved and how things look along the way (which, as we know, can be alarmingly different from the finished product). Can't wait to see the purse! (p.s. sent you an e-mail at your gmail account). Take care and give Chloe and Howie a big hug! steph

    1. Glad you enjoyed the video. LOL - it wasn't Howie's steady hand. YouTube has a feature where they say they detect some shakiness and would I like them to fix it. I was surprised at how much they could take out. Chloe does like to make an appearance.

      There are WAY more steps involved than what I showed. It's layer upon layer upon layer as you figure out what will do what but great fun. I imagine - but I could be wrong - that it'll be less layered when I have more experience but who knows. I'm working on the coat this afternoon and the same oops too bright is happening so maybe this is the process.

      I don't have a gmail account so I think you mean my other one and I did get that email. I'll reply asap. After I clean up the paint - VBG.


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