Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The F Words

 It's only Tuesday and it already seems like we've had a slew of back-to-back ugly days that are making the start of this week rather tough slugging. At Friday's doctor's appointment, it was decided that Howard does not have what they thought he had and he's now doing another round of specialists and tests while they make a new diagnosis. The current consensus is that this level of pain - and all that goes with it - may be his life, that it may be associated with a genetic condition. You can imagine that neither of us received that too well - and then - yesterday, when he went to the GP for something minor, she sent him for an X-ray on his lungs. It seems like the blows just keep coming which makes me very thankful for the F words - faith, family, friends, and fabric.

Yesterday, I played with the challenge fabric. The brown is along the lines of milk chocolate, neither light nor dark. Since brown is a color I rarely use, there were only three thread possibilities and of those, the two best choices were the upper and the lower ones. I experimented with the lower one because it's available in town and the other would have to be ordered.

I wasn't sure if I wanted matching or contrast. In the end, I decided to try to find a better match in town. Above is a basic seam. The thread is quite visible against the fabric making it a potential design element only it doesn't go-with as well as I'd like.If I decide on visible thread, I'll look for something else, perhaps purple Below are the variations I played with.

- top stitched seam

- exposed seam with edge stitching

- exposed seam with zig-zag edge stitching

- wide serged seam with four spools of darker brown serger thread

 - wide serged seam pressed to one side and zigzagged
 in place with the lighter brown thread

- narrow serged seam with three spools of thread

- narrow serged seam held in place with wide zigzag stitching

- curved and straight tucks with a wide double needle
 and tight bobbin tension

 - curved and straight tucks with a narrow double needle
and tight bobbin tension

With all the different pieces and many seams in this design - Vogue 1408 - there's room to utilize more than one option. I'm not going to cut out all the pieces first. I'll do them invidivudally  and embellish and build to size creating the garment as I go.... which means I really have no idea what the finished dress will look like but... LOL... gorgeous I'm sure. I plan to start soon but may sew a skirt today while I debate how, what, and where just a little bit longer.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - family, friends, faith & fabric

Answered prayers are scary. They imply responsibility. You asked for it. Now that you've got it, what are you going to do?
 - Julia Cameron

 ... as in now that you've discovered a way of eating that resonates with you, are you going to stay the course. This and other things. The quote made me laugh. 


  1. I'm holding you and your husband in my thoughts this week. You are going through a lot. I hope the X-ray is clean as a whistle!

  2. I'm hoping for the best possible outcome for your husband and you. I'm glad you have creative challenges and, from the looks of your examples, successes, to hold along with your concerns for your husband.

    1. I am SO GRATEFUL for creativity. Without that our my faith, life would be - even more - interesting.

  3. Myrna i am very sorry to hear this as i have been there and it is not fun. Speaking of which, add 'fun' to your f-words! Grab every bit of it you can, because it's another one that will keep you sane going thru these times.

    This is a great post! It's not often you get to see so many possibilities available in seam treatments with just one fabric. Brilliant! And lots of inspiration for people who have a sewing machine staring them in the face, so to speak :)

    Thinking good strong thoughts about you and yours and sending them your way. I'm very happy Ms. C is there to give you lots of lobs, too. steph

    1. LOL - I did think about fun as one of the F words only it seems like fun comes in some pretty grey shades lately BUT... fabric is definitely fun. I know you understand. Playing with the seaming was - VBG - fun and today my mind has been hopping. I've made the start decision so I can begin. Ms. C is lounging on her new designer pillow - Baxter & Belle - real inexpensive at Winners s and fabulous in the studio. Who knew there was designer dog stuff. Seems like a get rich market. I was saying to a friend this morning that since God seems to have a weird and strange and completely incomprehensible sense of humour, it is entirely possible that he thought I needed a dog (more work) to get me through this stress. She is quite fun too.


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