Friday, November 7, 2014

These Are Not The Pretty Pictures

Yesterday, I traced, cut out, and sewed a second version of Marcy's Vogue 9060 skirt. A friend asked if I'd please post about how I turned the waistband into a casing. I am and I'm also adding some information that's specific to those of us whose hips are substantially bigger than our waist.

The pattern comes with two different widths of waistbands. One finishes at 4" and the other finishes at 8". I chose the narrower waistband however...

... four inches below my waist, I am not the same measurement. In fact, I'm 11 1/2" wider. Unless the bottom of the this style of waistband is that wider measurement, the skirt will keep trying to walk up and attempting to find more room even if I use a really stretchy fabric. That's the nature of clothes unless your stretch is girdle-like and not going anywhere but even some girdles walk.

The pattern is designed to be worn back to front and front to back depending on which side you'd like the pointed seam on. That doesn't really work for me since I have high back hips and a tipped waist. For the hemline to hang correctly, I need to take off 1 1/4" at center front tapered to the side seams.

I didn't have enough fabric with the stretch in the right direction to cut a continuous waistband so it's in two parts. The seam is drawn in above. Moving left to right, it's at 5/8" and stops just past the half way point leaving an opening before it starts up again and finishes. The opening is the width of my elastic plus 1/4" to create the casing.

When the waistband is folded wrong sides together, the opening is near the fold and on what will be the inside of the waistband. If you look closely, you can see that I serge finished that one edge, just to look nice, not because it's necessary with a knit.

This fabric is very soft. so I chose to press all the seam allowances open to create the least amount of bulk. I matched the opposite edge of the waistband to the edge of the seam allowance and...

... pinned it in place. The pins are on the wrong side and the "ditch" is on the right side so...

... when I stitched in the ditch, I stitched carefully, avoiding the pins. I used a straight stitch because the width of this seam is equal to my hips plus 1/2" so it's not likely to be stretched and snapped and if it is, it's easily repaired.

I used 3/4" elastic. To form the casing, I stitched 1" from the top, folded, edge of the waistband and then inserted the elastic into the opening and finished the waistband.

These are not the pretty pictures. These are the Myrna is going out in five minutes and needs to get this picture quick to illustrate her point pictures. Above, the top I was wearing - not one chosen to go with the skirt - was tucked in. You can see how the fabric is lying smoothly over my hips as opposed to stretched and pulling up.

And here is the same top over the skirt rather than tucked in. Although this isn't the style I'd chose to go with the skirt, it does vastly improve the look. As I said, I was rushed and this morning I'm rushed too - picking a friend up at the bus - so I'm posting without proofing. LOL - I hope I don't live to regret that.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - the ability to share information so easily

Life is made of small sweetnesses. They come to us when we're willing to be little, instead of big. 
- Julia Cameron


  1. These are very VERY pretty pictures!! Well done! As I was reading I decided, in my own mind, that I WILL MAKE A CORAL SKIRT from this pattern!!

    1. To go with all your coral pieces. YES YES - send me a picture please.

  2. Myrna you are getting me inspired to whip up one of these skirts myself! You look great! Have fun with your friend, steph

    1. Yes, do. I'd love to see your version.

  3. Hey Myrna - I just cut this skirt out and I'm going to sew it today. Good post. Really like your explanation of making the waist band work for you. I was going to use the narrow version and add elastic, but now I'm going to check my high hip measurement more carefully. Thanks - Susan Liane

    1. For me, that hip measurement is crucial. Of course, I didn't think about it when I made the first one and when I realized what size my hips would have to be to wear it, I gave it to my very tiny friend. I'll check your blog to see if you posted your version.

  4. This is fabulous. I love the skirts. I think I need to find the right fabric and make one. It looks great on you. I really appreciate your tips about the elastic. Everything falls down on me because my waist and hip are the same. I will definitely use it to keep the skirt up!

    1. Did you find some fabric? I hope so. Shams shared about the elastic because she has the same falling down problem. Mine is a need for width.


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