Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tired Of Black T-Shirts

At the start of this week, I was super busy and not sure I'd find enough time to get everything done and now - suddenly - the rest of the week is completely open. So weird. On Mondays, I teach crochet to my friend Wendy. She had to go out of town on business and cancelled. On Tuesdays, I teach knitting to my friends from Starbucks. There was a conflict and we switched to Saturday instead. And yesterday...

... Barb was to arrive for a week of sewing and she called to say they'd been rear-ended by a semi-truck on their way through Vancouver. Luckily, they are both safe only they've gone back home to get their nerves together, see chiropractors, and find out about their vehicle before trying again. Her partner was dropping her off and going on to visit a friend of his so now there are two - relieved - friends who suddenly have free time.

Rosemarie did come to knit yesterday and we had a fabulous time. I'm working on a scarf using the fleck stitch which is a combination of knit and pearl. I bought this yarn discounted at Websters in Ashland, Oregon when I was there in September. It's discontinued and I've been trying to find another ball on the Internet with no luck. I made it wider than usual and after using two of the six balls, ripped it out to start over at a narrower width. For a scarf, long and narrow is better than short and wide - in my opinion - and it won't be super narrow, just narrower than it was allowing for more length.

When I went to get dressed yesterday morning after writing the blog, I looked at my very skimpy closet and decided to sew another couple pairs of pants and maybe even a few tops before working on the challenge dress. It's too minimalist for me at the moment.

For some reason, I want to make a "fun" pair of pants - whatever that means - and I don't have a lot of fun fabric in my stash especially in warmer weather fabrics. I'm more of a solids person. This paisley print has been sitting for a while. The print is so bold that I either need a lot of little pieces to break it up or well matched big pieces. I'm going that later route hoping I know how to do well matched or how to live with less than. I rarely - as in almost never - as in I can't actually remember the last time - match prints and I don't think I'll be matching so much as cutting out individually and staggering so they don't look silly side by side.

I'm also tired of black t-shirts, not that I can see myself ever not wearing them since they are such a staple in my wardrobe but right now they feel like the anchor of every outfit and it's every day in a clean black t-shirt so I want to branch out a little bit. So pause on the challenge and right now, paisley pants and something to go with.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - bumped up and bruised but otherwise safe friends

Follow your strange creative cravings and you will be led into change a step at a time. 
- Julia Cameron


  1. That paisley will make a very cool pair of pants! I think the "black t-shirt" might have moved south, because this morning I was yearning for a long sleeved black t-shirt. I will take on the black t-shirt making for now, until you want it back!

    1. They're mostly together. I'm letting the spandex do it's stretchy thing. LOL - enjoy the black t-shirt. I know I'll want it back eventually. Just need a little break.


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