Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Major Mucky Mess

Right after posting yesterday, I decided to paint another layer on the canvas. I was working my way around the edges when I put the paint down on the surface of the island forgetting that the pressing board was underneath and the edge was uneven. The container splashed to the floor leaving a big puddle and splatters everywhere. Luckily, it fell toward the wall side of the island and not the couch side. The island was blocked by my body and the wall was partially blocked by the garbage can. The spill could have been way worse but still, it was a major mucky mess. I will need to repaint one part of the wall where I couldn't get the colour off fast enough. Sigh...

HOWEVER... I did finish mounting the piece - Pick Me - to the canvas. In the past, I've usually textured the background paint. This time, I used a solid tone and while I like the way the turquoise color picks up the teal in the piece, I'm not sure about the solid look. We'll see. If I don't adjust, I'll  figure out how to texture it after the fact.

When I mount a piece like this, there is no binding around the edge. I run a row of stitching 1/4" from the edge and then a row of zigzag over the edge. This finishes the edge but doesn't hide the raw edge of the fabric or the batting so...

... I seal them by patting paint against the edge with a stiff brush. In this case, I used a copper tone chosen for the way it blends with most of the colours although...

... you typically don't see the colour of the edge once it's dry and the piece has been pressed in place.

Here it is on the wall. This picture was taken at ten o'clock last night so it's not as bright as a daytime shot. I'll try and get one of those today in-between baking butter tarts. I only bake them in December so they're a much waited for treat. I'm particular about that - keeping a treat a treat. Even though we can eat butter tarts and drink eggnog throughout the year - or at least earlier than December - I think it's important to make them special by actually saving them for our special occasions like house decorating and tree decorating days. Otherwise, everything becomes homogenized - like shopping - a big box store in one city looks just like a big box store in another. Hate that. Give me the independent shops and private artists any day. And special occasions. And treats.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - all the presents are wrapped and ready

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
- George Bernard Shaw


  1. Tell us non Canadian's, what are butter tarts? Love this blog, you are so clever.

    1. YUMMY - like a raisin tart. I'll post a picture and the recipe tomorrow.

    2. There is a good article on Wikipedia about butter tarts.

      We Canucks can be very particular about their butter tarts. I loved my mom's and didn't like my mil's at all, everyone's are different. Go to Canadian Living, they have a number of recipes for butter tarts. Enjoy!

    3. LOL - yes... we are particular. I'll post my recipe tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful,Myrna! Love it with your wall cover.

    1. Thanks. I've been walking by it all day and I think it'll work.


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